Worth not Birth Rules the Mankind.

Today, the world is divided into more than al two hundred countries; every country is ruled by some political system for which the nations o of these countries choose their leaders at their re own. They elect a leader who can save their h nation and can drive their country with social p justice, the society in which everyone is equal. se People always a those leaders who realize n that he cares for his nation. Those leaders are is not necessarily respected who have taken the n birth in big castles, but there are those who have fo passed from the circumstances of which their w poor people are suffering But, if the chosen at leader is a feudal in background, then, of e course, he would rule his country like the feudal o and must not be aware of modem policies History is the witness that any leader of the w first case has ruled his country the best, but of h second case, fetch it to poor and corrupted ones. m There are many examples to explain: Abraham Lincoln was son of a peasant and used to live th in a small village, but was very keen to learn th since his childhood: he used to go to study from h a judge, which was in connection with his in village with a river, he had to go to him by mnring river in massive pold. When Abe was sixteen, he left his village and went to live in w small city, there he worked very hard and of became a brilliant debator. Due to his efforts, he di became 16th president of U.S.A. During his di time, the U.S.A. was facing the civil war which th he tried to finish, but southern state couldn’t bear him and he was assassinated. Nelson Mandela was born in a small fo village, when he grew up, he realized about his re people and their lives who were facing social th unrest. At this, he started working for his people; for many times, he was rusticated from bu university due to his revolutionary activities. Healways thought of freedom, the need for nation ed He established his own political party to car work which aimed at bringing out his ns eir revolution. He went to prison many times but eir he was never discouraged he was the only ial person who remained in the prison for twenty al. seven years. Finally, he succeeded to liberate hi ize nation, and due to his hard work, South Africa are is enjoying freedom today. This is the reason his the nation loves him very much and always prays ave for him. These were the two great personalities heir whose birth was not important but they stand sen atop due to their worth. There are two other of examples who worked for humanity in the field dal of science and scientific inventions. Today, everyone knows the name of Isaac Newton; he the was son of a peasant, and his mother wanted t of him to be a good peasant, but his keen interest nes, made him great scientist of all times. Since last few centuries, people are enjoying live the luxurious journey of aeroplane which saves their time and proved itself very helpful to om human being. Wright brothers were behind this his they also belonged to middle lower by class family. They used to repair bicycles, bu was set their aims high themselves work for the invention. Finally, work after hardwork for the invention. Finally, hard work of seven years, they were succeeded in the difficult task in which two people had alread died, but it was their vision and enthusiasm that they were successful. It was a little discussion in light of history which illustrates that revolution and sympathy for the humanity are brought by those who realize about everyone, and know about the thought of poor people who demand peace. These all examples tell that it is not birth but worth which rules mankind.


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