War on bowl


World has seen many wars, the are rel always very lethal consequences of wars. tak Certain times, crusade wars were fought; World wh War I and II brought much destruction. It means that in no way, war can be favoured. It is ma very destructive phenomenon. But all the wars up: are not dangerous; many of them are interesting stu also. You might worry how the wars can be bet interesting. You are right if you think so, dee because throughout the history, we have not wa witnessed a war which was interesting and har loving. But, it is not so. I tell you about an the interesting war. Without letting you wait too his much, I come to my point In 2008, the war on bowl began, when we Ra left our houses for dinner at dinning hall, While we eating meal, suddenly, we heard the voice of we fork which was no less than a hand grenade, as suc if a bomb was dropped to our dinning table. the God forbids. I saw Mohammed Usman, my friend and tab class fellow, fighting in a way that he looked dis like Usama Bin Laden in full mood of an against America and kafirs; his eyes turned red Thi his hair rose in air: he concentrated towards the Rana Umar, Rana was fumbling in front of him bot because he saw Usman in quite cou him very offensive remarks and at started behaving badly, he threw a fork to him; Rana thought he would mend his ways but he did do so. After showing a lot of patience, Rana also attacked a fork to him. In his fumbling voice, he said him to mend his ways, but Usman grew hyper, stripped of his shirt, and ran towards Rana. Usman asked him why he was not giving him bowl. Rana replied in trembling voice that his turn was next to him but as he was too hungry, he could not wait for a little time. Usman’s anger doubled at Rana’s reply. With more anger, he told him that he was taking all the chicken during his turn, therefore, d why would he wait Usman was saying this all in hasty is manners. Rana thought that perhaps he was rs upset and that’s why he was behaving in such g stupid manner. He thought that it would be e better to calm down, for the purpose, he took o, deep breath to calm down himself. But Usman ot was not ready to give in. God knows what d happened to him, we all knew that he was not n the same man who was often with us. He lost o his temper and started catching bowl from Rana; he used all his might in snatching it; we Rana, who earlier thought all the happenings le were fun, now was in position to fight, both of were trying to get it, but Rana was the as successful candidate who won the war and got e. the bowl in his hand Bowl created a great disturbance at our nd table; we decided to offer our help to settle the ed dispute, but this time Rana was behaving like ad an angry young man; he threw fork at Usman This all was unexpected; our Housemaster was there at mess duty; he saw it all and ordered both of them to be quit. The severe enemies could not stop; they exchanged throwing forks at each other, once again, our teacher saw them. When he saw them throwing forks, he saw Rana throwing his fork at Usman. The teacher ordered both of them to report him after dinner at house. When they reported to our teacher, he listened their problem. Teacher also asked us about the matter. When he came to know that two friends had fought on bowl, he became very surprised at this. Since the day, we named this entire dispute “War on Bowl’. The term is ironically used against both of the fighters.

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