The plastic oceans .

Whenever you venture to a beach, you are ea certain to notice bits of garbage, particularly plastic not floating in on the crest of almost every wave. This in waste material litters the tide-line and when dry, it is the blown everywhere by wind. And, if you are lucky enough to enjoy by boat ride, no matter how far out chr of ocean you sail, plastic bits of rubbish will be ma evident all around bro Turning the oceans into huge garbage dump, Oc human beings have caused great danger, without apl giving any thought, to the future of planet and kil people living there. Besides the plastic litter, the sea eit is dumping ground from raw sewage and industrial No waste to old shoes, bottles, and tins. Ocean currents are are pretty complex phenomenon changing from ex season to season or from particular season at all en which means that some garbage floats around forever, first heading towards one country, then, on with pull of another ocean current, moves towards w different destinauons. This, eventually, results in a formation of ocean-burn rubbish dumps where after each square kilometer of the surface of ocean is ic nothing, but, bits of garbage which sea birds nibble is in the search of subservience, however, poisoning is themselves in process A number of years ago one major dump out christened “Great Pacific Garbage Patch was be mapped out by scientists and, they have recently brought to attention another one in North Atlantic Ocean in which density of plastic rubbish is but approximately 100,000 pieces in each square kilometer Scientist do not yet know the size of sea either the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or one ial North Atlantic, but, estimations indicate that they nts are incredibly huge and are presumed to having at om extremely detrimental effect on sea life and the all environment too Meanwhile, we must not litter beaches, ocea or anything else as the garbage is poisoning rds world and, if at all possible, we should also try in avoid the use or purchase of plastic.

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