The origin of universe.


According to Boshongo, the people of Central arg Africa, in the beginning of this universe, there cau was only darkness, water, and the great god, Bumba. One day, he vomited up the sun due to had stomach ache. The sun dried up some of the Ge water, leaving land still in pain, he vomited the tha moon, the stars and then some animals the and leopard, the crocodile, the turtle, and finally, beg man This creation myth tries to answer the call questions we all ask why are we here? Where uni did we come from? Infi The answer generally given was that call humans were of comprehensively recent origin, dep because it must have been obvious even at early eve times, the human race was advancing in wet knowledge and technology. So, it can’t have inde been around here. For example: according to mig Bishop Usher, the book of genesis placed the creation of world at on October 27th, 4004 reve BC. On the other hand the physical beli surroundings like mountains and rivers changed abs very little in human life time. They were, wel therefore, thought to be a constant background Acc and either to have nested forever because empty bla landscapes had been created at the same time as tim or the humans were Not everyone was, however, happy with b the idea that universe had a beginning For e example: Aristotle, the most famous among e Greek philosophers, believed that the universe th had nested forever. The motivation for u beginning in an external universe was the desire a to avoid irking divine intervention to create the universe and set it going. Conversely, those who e believed that it had beginning, used it as an entral argument for the existence of God as the first there cause or prime mover of the universe god The problem of whether or not the universe ue to had a beginning was a great concern to the of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, he felt d the that there were logical contradictions or the anomalies either way. If the universe had a nally, beginning, why did it wait an infinite time? He r the called it ‘thesis’. On the other hand, if the here universe had existed forever, why did it take an infinite time to reach the present stage? He that called it “antithesis both thesis and antithesis rigin, depended on Kant’s assumption. Almost early everyone else thought that time is absolute; it g in went from infinite past to the infinite future have independently of any universe that might or ng to might not exist in this background However in 1915, Einstein introduced his d the 4004 revolutionary theory of general relativity; he sical believed that space and time were no longer nged absolute; they were dynamical quantities that were, were shaped by matter and energy in them. und According to this theory, the bodies such as mpty black holes can exist, in which there is end of e as time. The theory also predicted the expansion or contraction of universe, but Einstein strongly with believed in static universe to balance the For equations so as to balance the gravitational or so, thus theory condemned the old idea se that time can exit even nothing, such as our or universe exists. So, it made no sense to ask re about the time before the beginning of universe. he As Einstein also condemned the idea of ho expansion or contraction, the time should not an be defined arbitrarily for back. So-called beginning of universe would be artificial in the sense that one can extend the history back to earlier times. But in 1929, Hubble found to his stu surprise that nearly all the galaxies were moving co away from us. If their speed had been constant m and we extrapolate the back in time, they would Ol all have been on top of each other about 15 fo billion years ago At this point, the density of matter and go energy would be infinite So, this predicted that pr universe started from point of singularity with a ot big bang Was this the beginning of universe? Bu How universe leg in with big bang? At big bang, all known laws of science break down. So, general relativity brings its own bo downfall by preceding singularities One can pr take two reactions to the inability of general si relativity to predict big bang science can’t gi predict the beginning of universe and general of relativity is incomplete theory and it can be ev replaced by a more perfect one Many attempts it were made to avoid this big bang as a steady w state theory. But all attempts wert in vain So still big bang is ,with no doubt, the beginning of universe. How universe began with big bang The da second reaction is correct that general relativitv T is incomplete theory and it has to be replaced by au more perfect one General reliability is missin th ingredients that missing ingredient is the ar quantum theory. It is a missing ingredient because at big bang, the universe was a Planck’s R size ie about one billion trillion trillionth of T centimeter. So quantum mechanics had to be he taken into account As general relativity deals with large scale his structure of matter. so, one can not blame it as could not predict the behaviour of small scale matter that is governed by quantum mechanics One can not even blame quantum mechanics for prediction of big bang because it does not take into account the massive bodies that are governed by general relativity So. one theory hat predicts the small scale structure of matter and h other predicts the behaviour of massive bodies But, big bang or singularly has both properties that it IS massive as well as small in size To predict big bang, we need to combine both the theories so as to get a theory that can predict small scaled massive bodies and singularity. So, the mannage of these two would give us a theory which one can call the theory eral of everything’ because it could predict be everything from big bang onwards and big bang pts itself This theory will be the real triumph for dy whole mankind Physists are still trying to combine these of two great revolutionary theories They have not yet succeeded Scientists are bopeful that one The day they will find “the theory of everything irv They know the predictions that it would make by and even what ingredients it should have But ng they don’t know its ex ct mathematical fonn he and experimental proof to verify it.

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