the great fire

Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) sent by Allah to the people of Babylon who th worshipped false gods. He was born in the yo house of Azar who was an astrologer and made idols that represented different gods The people worshiped idols and were involved fri in vague rituals. People not only worshiped (p their manufactured gods but also worshiped w material things such as stars, moon, and sun. N People had no way of living as they were devoid of laws. Taking all things into account, w the prophet (peace be upon him) tried to N teach them to do away with such foul practices Ha and conveyed them message of Allah that He is the supreme being and worthy of worship o but they paid no attention to the preachings c of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) One day all the people of Babylon went outside of the village and Azar asked Ibrahim ir (peace be upon him) to take care of the house, Ibrahim (peace be upon him) went to c the room where idols were placed and people I used to worship them. He thought that it was a good opportunity to teach the people a lesson. He destroyed all the idols except onewhich was the biggest of all, When people approached and saw their idols we destroyed, they became furious and said “who we has done this cruel act? who has dishonoured go our gods?” Every one cast doubt on lbrahim th (peace be upon him), Ibrahim (peace be be upon him) asked them to query from the big hi god, if only it could speak. People were All annoyed and said how could it be done by ar an idol which could neither speak nor move hi Ibrahim (peace be upon him) tried to make “o them realise that if that idol did not possess for any power then why they worshiped such gods, People wanted to punish him. Nemrud was All the tyrant king and Azar had already told himthat one day he would be dethroned by a young man who would bring new religion and Azar identified that this could be lbrahim (peace be upon him). Nemrud was much ed frightened of this and ordered to bring Ibrahim (peace be upon him) into his palace. The king wanted to discuss with him about Allah in. Nemrud: Who is your God? Ibrahim (peace be upon him): worship Allah nt, who gives life and takes life from people. Nemrud: I can also do that es He ordered the soldiers to bring a prisoner who was sentenced to imprisonment and the nip other who was sentenced to death. Nemrud gs ordered to set free the one who was given death sentence while he ordered to cut off the head of the other who was sentenced to him imprisonment Nemrud: Did you see what I did with them? I o gave one life and put the other to death ple Ibrahim (peace be upon him): My Lord makes as the sun rise from the East. Can you make it rise in the West? ne The king was astonished to hear this and wasinfuriated. He ordered to collect huge of piles wood and make huge conflagration. Babylon s P was rich in tar and coal at that time. People gathered tar and coal and poured them into the fire, Nemrud ordered to put lbrahim (peace be upon him) into the fire. The soldiers threw him into the fire with the help of a catapult. Allah commanded the fire to remain calm and peaceful for Ibrahim (peace be upon e, him) e “O Fire! be thou cool, and (a means of safety for Ibrahim!” The people were startled to see that fire did not harm Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Indeed Allah is all-powerful, and He has authority over m all the things.


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