The fungi our friends


Among diverse groups of organisms Fungi makes of an important place to maintain the biodiversity. The etc enzy Fungi” include which we of text tremendous economic importance to man. a passe Pr intimately linked with them. And hardly Fu play when are not benefited or harmed by them. we following frendly role in our lives: fron incl Role of in Medicine fum To cure and control many diseases caused by pathogenic p antibodies are used which are produced by moulds and actinomycetes to combat evil efforts of bactera and viruses. The use of these antibiotics is not limited but hon little amount of these antobiotics added to the food of pro slaughter animals to promote their rapid growth and meal quality. The history of discovery of these antibiotics is fresh P and dates back at 1929 when Sir Alexander Flemung extracted the great antibiotic “Pencillin” from a fungus yea Pencillium notatum. Streptomycin is another powerful antibiotic which is also nut a fungal product It destroys many pathogenic organisms specially gram-negative bacteria. Besides these antibiotics P there is a very big range of other products of Fungi Role of Fungi in Industries obt There is a varied role of fungi in industries and they form vita the basis of many industries such as Var Alcholic Fermentation as This has a dual importance throught the world and baking both are dependent on the fact that fermentation of sugar solution by means of yeasts produces ethyl carbondioxide. wine making industry alcohal is important product, the other by-product carbondioxide is also very valuable called as ice” in the baking

and break making industry, DT carbondioxide is useful product for causing the dough to nse and making the bread light. a Enzymes Preparation A mycologist Takmine on the basis of his intensive study of enzymes has introduced a series of enzymes of a high akes enzymic activity such as Digestin. Plyzime, Taka diastase The etc used for destnnization of starch and designing of textile

are sses Preparation of Organic Acids play commrcially important organic acids are produced from moulds (fungi) for various chemical activities, they include, oxalic and citnc acid, gluconic acid, gallic acid and fumeric acid. by Phytohormones Preparation Gibberellin is a very important horticultural plant but hormone which accelerate growth in several crops is also d of produced by a fungi “Gibberelli fugikowr” fresh Preparation of Proteins ning As a supplement of normal diet, some fungi particularly yeasts are used to produce proteins. The yeast percentage of cerivisea and contain a high also nutntine proteins. oties Preparation of Vitamins of Many moulds and yeasts are invloved in preparation 15 vitamins, Vitamin B is prepared and sold in market obtained from dried yeast or yeast extracts. Erogosterol, vitamin D and vitamin B complex are also obtained from various strains of yeasts deep These useful aspects of this organism make its relations with human as being their friends.

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