the castle in the air

“We’ll build our house on the moon,” said Jack excitedly. Stories about the moon fascinated him. He would watch that golden globe stare down at him for hours. “ohl My piece of gold. Out there it must be cold, How I wish you could hold, And put you up as sold. Then you could be mine forever SU He would hum this poem and make up stories of about the moon. His favourite was of the old a lady on the moon. When stay on the moon th I won’t need any lights. Ill just open my window th and watch the stars going twinkle, twinkle. My c carpet will be of clouds and I’ll touch the rain. a He thought of the small water pistol that he w had and wondered what it would be like if “S he had all the rain to play with. Rain, rain don’t go away, With me you must stay, Together both of us will playRain, rain don’t go away, With me you must stay, Together both of us will play I’ll cut off small pieces of the moon and make to jewellery for mummy. I shall be able to give a gifts of gold to my friends on their birthdays. n Birds will chirp at me and teach me their language. There will be toys with wings and so they shall fly from here to there. I’ll move with J the breeze from one place to the other.

Oh! a What fun it will be.”His thoughts would be towards a castle on the moon and he would see himself a little prince there, with a lot of people around him to attend to him, “Get me some candy floss.” Away his attendant would go and fetch a piece of cloud for him. The alarm clock brought him back to his world. “Ill tell my story to Paul. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.” Paul was sitting with a team ries of hockey players who were all ready to start old a game. He was so excited about his idea on that he wanted to tell Paul about it there and low then. So, he started off blah, blah, chatter My chatter. Paul heard him from beginning to end and then told him, “Listen Jack l hope you e won’t get upset after what I tell you.” if “Sometimes it gets very cold up there. It’s even colder than living on the top of a mountain which is full of snow. Darkness surrounds you and you cannot see anything. There is nothing to be seen for miles and miles around,” he told him. Jack smiled a little convinced On went Paul. “You are thrown from one place ake to another. You can’t smell and you can’t talk and most of all there would be no TV to watchno comics lo read, no candy to eat, no friends lo talk to, no stickers to stick around and no d songs to sing and there will be no Paul there.” ith Jack gave up his castle in the air and went hl away merrily happy where he was.


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