The biggest enemy

One of the most negative factors of man is and fear. In fact, it is our worst enemy. It has acq remained at the root of all failures. Strength is and the quality of a brave man, whereas, fear makes a man coward In the history, we, the people of Indo-Pak before the partition were the salves of the cow British Government. So, it has been a great bold tragedy for us to remain the slaves for about a ver century just because of the sentiment of fear, eno When it broke, all stood against the British rule; fear the result is in front of us. The leaders of the fea freedom movement taught their people to be bril fearless and strong if they wanted deliverance on for themselves and their country History is witness that whenever, people can got themselves fearless and strong, their cor countries started the journey towards freedom. the As the matter of fact, the structure of greatness cow has nothing for its foundation, but fearlessness gre on the part of a great man like Quaid-e-Azam so Muhammad Ali Jinnah. All great men who rig ruled the minds and hearts of people and made tog history were distinctly fearless. Alexander, theGreat, Tamerlane, Babur, Mohammad Ghaznavi, Napoleon Bonaparte, Cavour, Ghazi Blade were made of steely stuff from which fear could not cross. In scientific words, the degree of greatness r is directly proportional to the fearlessness. y Those who were fearful cringed, crushed, and p b vanished without leaving any imprint on the line of time. God is always on the side of those o who are just fearful to Him but fearless to all Fearlessness is the quality of heart, mind and spirit which can be practiced. Such a person as acquires strength that is spiritual in character is and never knows defeat. The Effect of Fear It is the most negative quality, it makes one he coward, while fearlessness breeds courage and at boldness; fear and weakness go together. Evil is t a very much associated with fear. If one is bold ar. enough to tread the path of evil, why does he le; fear to tread the path of rightness? If you are he fearful, your opponent will be bold and can be bring you down. All opposition is blown away once fearlessness is installed at its right place. Fear lowers ones personality; a man with fear ple can never hold his head high Nation is eir constituted of individuals; hence, fear disgraces m. the nation if the individuals are fearful and ess coward A man with fear can never acquire ess greatness, he can never contribute to the ama society, nation, and the world. Therefore, it is ho rightly said that freedom and fear never exist ade togetherWays to Overcome Fear Fear is a negative approach of a weak mind which must be tried to overcome. The realization, that God has gifted us with great physical, mental, and spiritual powers, will help building up self confidence. By this, a fearful man may turn to be a brave and courageous individual in coming days. Psychologists have prescribed several prescriptions to overcome fear. One of them suggested his patient to do the things which gave him fear, he also told him to meet the people whom he feared to see. For, someone in power, it is better to make unpopular decisionsso as to kill fear by getting experience. Taking risks and developing strong determination can also make man fearless. Few more ways are also there. Look people straight in their face; stand erect, practice it but be humble. Expect troubles and be ready to face them. If there is no struggle; there is no life. There is a close relationship between thinking and acting Positive thinking is yet cheerfulness and promotes the cooperation. Do not allow yourself to be a victim of imaginary fear. The e most effective way, however is to have complete faith in Almighty Allah. Therefore, if s you want to live a happy life, overcome fear

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