is about 30,000,000 kilometers (150 million kms) away from the earth


The Sun  is about 30,000,000 kilometers (150 million kms) away from the earth, there is a hot glowing star of gases. It is known as the sun, its official name is Sol, which was the name of the ancient Roman sun god. The word ‘solar’ is from ‘the sun’. The diameter of the sun is about 84600 miles, its mass is 2x10in tons and its average density is 1.4 grams per cc The word ‘ The surface of the sun is about 60000 C and its interior temperature is about 13,000,000 C. The sun is the giant ball of gas together with soaked it is very hot. About 1,300,000 plantets of the earth can easily be packed into Sun, now the question engulfs our minds: When the sun was born? The stars that grow mostly often are mostly heavy clouds of dust and dust, which is made up of all types of chemicals. There are many types of such clouds in space As these clouds move through space, they get more and more gas and dust containers and become tighter and tighter. Over many million years, the center of those clouds of gas is the shape of a huge ball ball and dust gravity. Squeezes this ball together so tightly that its inner por Tion gets denser than steel. When the gas is squeezed together so tightly, it becomes very hot. The center of the gas ball grows so hot that it becomes an atomic furnace. The ball begins to glow with this fierceHeat. It becomes a star as our sun. This is how our star sun, born. There are still such clouds in Scientists think that these clouds will form the stars in the future of many advantages of the Sun. Electricity is being produced by the energy of the sun light, known as solar energy. Some of the watches, calculators, televisions and many other electrical appliances are solar ener powered. Some cars have been made which are fueled with solar energy According to the Holy Quran, everything is mortal in this universe. In the same way, the sun is also mortal about five billion years now, the sun will start to die, just as all stars do. First, the sun will get hotter, and then maybe it will swell up. Slowly, it will be very big and put more heat. The earth will become hot that all the rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans will boil and turn in to steam. All of the plants and animals will die. The world will become a bare and burnt rocks surrounded by great clouds of steam. After about a billion more years, the sun will start to shrink. It will change its color from red to white. Slowly, over more billions of years, its brightness will be fade. It will use the last of its energy. It will be dead, black ball, a little smaller than the earth as the sun will give less and less heat, the clouds of the earth will turn back into water and rain as fall. Oceans and lakes will fill up again. As the sun will grow cooler, the earth will become cold. The water will b freezed. The Earth will be a lifeless rock of ice and cold, calm, quiet, lifeless and silent

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