successful failure


The phrase in which two words of the opposite meaning are together to be known as Oxymoron. Some common S examples of oxymoronic c expressions are: naturally, b random order, original copy, o at found missing, definite possibility, small crowd, precise estimate th is purely ugly, only choice, clearly d misunderstood and on a light wh note , Military intelligence and happily married etc. The phrase successful failure It may also fall in this category. However it carries a deeper th meaning, a complete philosophy. Su There are few examples of successful failure: The great explorer in Christopher Columbus failed when he set out to find India risks instead of it. He found America It was a successful failure. What are Abrahan Lincon? The teacher asked his son via a letter: “Teach my son that it is more honorable to fail to cheat”, he was talking about a successful failure ‘Michael Shawn Malone (AnAmerican Hammer, Columnist, editor, Ontower & Television producer) Sis Abut SiliconS Valley: Outsiders thinks of silicon e valley as a success, but it is in truth, a graveyard of failures n Silicon Valley is known as a c center of significant success but also significant failure; The one goes with the other. When the rock breaks with e, the last blow of the hammer that does not mean the earlier strikes erupted. We are most likely to make mistakes when we work out is our comfort zones, and that new approach to the real approach St, succeeds, then life with the The do not do, passed. Fruit we are failures the failing is rightly of the we are the ones that are themselves. Free no of someone said that we are failing to take success. Respect everything are grows say mean well as is not things. Because said taking failures are the future of dignity ability It is “If the discipline is self-risk.

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