Sources of happiness.

There could be a number of sources of happiness among individuals but one of the most important factors in happiness is the of a robust constitution. It is true that instances may be gusted of men who have suffered from diseases that have been the cause of much physical pain and yet at the same time have managed to present a cheerful front to their fellows. Such people are heroic in their nature and obtain a certain measure of sappiness in spite of their circumstances. Courage and resolution of this kind zre not given to all. Health is in itself a cause of happiness Pleasure is obtained from the mere possession of strong limbs and sound digestion. A healthy and well-trained body should be guided by a healthy and well-trained mind, is not pleasant to feel that our education is defective, and that we are at a disadvantage compared with the average man with whom we come into contact. Moreover, it is only through education that we can enjoy the writings of the great authors. Those who are deprived of the pleasures and consolations of literature, have missed one of the great sources of sappiness. Knowledge and a trained mind are also essential for success in professional or

commercial life. It is Dot necessary to be wealthy to be happy but it is desirable that pecuniary we should be comfortably situated. and not condemned to anxiety as to the source of tomorrow’s food or tortured by the thought that if we the inner, fail, there will be no provision for our families Therefore, in the securing of happiness, success in our work is a inf great factor. The work of one’s own choice is also a source of happiness. The work of most men occupies a very appreciable portion of their day. It begins in boyhood and continues to old age. It is of necessity continually present in their thoughts. and if it is irksome and distasteful. it

will not contribute to the joy of existence. The greatest care should be taken, in the choice of an occupation. Many other elements are there which are essential for happiness, such as position. friendship and love hur perhaps the most real source of happiness lies in ourselves. in a clear conscience, and in the cultivation of a cheerful disposition which refuses to repine when misfortunes threaten. A clear conscience also keeps us happy. So we should always try to refrain from unhealthy activities so as to remain gay and happy in our life.

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