shinning eyes with great light

Truth always remains in his eyes as a shinning to light. Falsehood drops out of his eyes as thighing tears. His eyes are sensitive and in shining the green light. This green bean always depicted peace and devalued ne devils. He was young and smart boy of twenty co years with supernatural power in his eyes. If he looks at the devils, he devalued and if he sees evil, they are eliminated. Samaro so belonged to Italy. His family was well known about the strange fact of their son and they tried to hide it, but evil was to be destroyed by so much of his shinning eyes at what cost? What an “Oh my lord please speak.” Samaro’s brothers sama ro Arhenus shouted, when he was cruised by some devils at his home. Who were trying to stretch Arhenus towards Sa himself and when Samaro’s eyes saw the evil souls, they were destroyed and their soul was fog. Moving upward, Samaro, and his dread brother who was about to hear his loose senses and assured him thatAnd until his miraculous eyes are safe with shinning green light no devil or evil can harm him. Days over days passed and Samaro’s eyes had almost defeated all the devils of his area and propagated peace. Now, no superior teased any inferior. No lawful right went in any unlawful hand. There was noneTo start even. And it was all about those eyes that Samaro’s fame was at the top, every one started their magic actions about it. But when Italian Governor received this alert news about some of the country’s richest powers, he called on Samaro. Oh! What a shine! Governor Genier of Italy kissed Samaro’s eyes and so loudly with that Samaro shrugged his shoulders. His dangerous looks is alarmed by Samaro’s senses that he was going to do something wrong with him and before the Sama ro’s supernatural power could do anything, Governor Genier got his hard and barbaric hands with his eyes pulled out a young and innocent boy with supernatural power. Again Genier laughed and brought Samaro’s eyeballs to his face and said: “Congratulations to me! No evil is to touch my nail. No enemy can do anything harm me. He further voiced his voice: Go away and everywhere, inform Every evil in the world that does not comeInform every evil in the world that not to come in front of me, otherwise will be unprotected. King Genier decided to use Samaro’s eyeballs as his super powered security elements. And all that he said came true for the next five years. Genier said no threat and everyone knew that he had some powers. He made the most of the Samaro’s eyeballsOnce King Genier heard some senators of government talking on some issues. When he heard his name by one of the senators he thought he was planning against him. His face got angry out of anger and he shouted: “Conspiracies !!! And against me his anger was touching the clouds … He decided to kill them all because he could not own himself against anything wrong. The knife towards them, it bounces back and cut the throat of King Genier and he died. Genier did not know that the eyeballs were placed in front of him. And they must be goodness. Those eyeballs were not Genier’s property so that only he saves but They were to save goodness …. Associate yourself with good quality if you respect your own. Reputation; for ’tis better to be alone than in bad quality.

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I am a hobbyist web developer, designer & Internet Marketer. I am also a Penetration Tester. I've spent the great part of two decades working as a developer and user experience designer. Apart from development I love to do marketing whether its a SEO or pure internet marketing. I fallen in love with security in 2011, now its my hobby to learn about security and find vulnerabilities but in a ethical way.


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