Science My heart rises up to bliss, a nightmare in my mind my body starts shivering Whenever I close my eyes, I can see the butchers slaughtering the humanity, l can peep into their eyes the wildness and these butchers are being called scientists, who are always contriving something and that why they and their Science have snatched man’s peace of mind The horrendous and horrible role of Science has destroyed the peace of humanity and the charm of this world. Love finds no place in this terrible nuclear world The brutal barbarians of Science started their journey in destroying the peace from the invention of gun-power up lo these nuclear weapons. Where innocent humanity is roasted alive, poor people are grounded ruthlessly, masses are slaughtered like animals, men, women, young and old all are crushed under the brutal boots of blood thirsty world, and the food for tummy is bullets, bombs, cannons, shells, missiles and rockets burn bones. Thus, it is not cure but curse, not a back but a blow. Yes, a blow which has snatched man’s peace of mind, a threat to the world peace, a danger to the brain of the people; a sweltering and

sizzling race to demolish people Every country of the world is spending much of its money on these atomic weapons in order to kill mankind and with this confusion, we feel we are at the horns ol dilemma The century of new hopes and new aspirations, the now promises, new carving, new yearning. new zest and quest for the better. brighter and happier tomorrow of mankind. But see the different scenario of science I see the raining of cluster bombs, I see the storming of tomahawks see the striking of strings, I see the rising of black smoke to the sky I see the burning horrors and terrors of Science, and am convinced that Science has snatched man’s peace ol mind I tremble with fear when I think about third world war It will surely topple down the whole world to a complete destruction lf we peep into the pages of history, we will find That Science always brought danger to mankind In I%5. the bomb was dropped over the innocent people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Millions of people were killed There was blood shed, cries of innocent children and women, the whole humanity was shivering and trembling with fright and fear It was a brutal act and wort cruelty with humanity assaulted by the scientists of that time and also Science I ask why we don’t get lesson from these kinds of temble occasions, but keep on killing the humanity? What is the main achievement of Science, what is the out come of the First World War and the Second World War what s the revolt of Bosnia, Palestine, Chechnya and Kashmir Destructive weapons must be destroyed, must be destroyed Then allow me to say that Science has snatched man’s peace of mind Today, the achievements of science are nothing but it is warming book, by reading it our blood boils, by reading it, our body

shivers, by reading it, our brain veins burst out and thus I can clearly say Science is the name of destruction and is the name of extermination Science has made the life artificial, the introduction computers, lasers and machinery have turned the tempo of life in to the materialism Science has made man slave of machinery Today, man has neglected the ethical values of life The man of modern world has gone away from the teaching of religion, he cost himself in the Metaphysics so much so that he has even forgotten God. So, what if we have aeroplanes, so what if we’ve computers, so what if we’ve nuclear weapons, so what if we follow industrialism, so what if we have implored universe, so what so what so what…! We did all this, and this all has snatched our comforts. Yes, this Science has snatched man’s peace of mind.

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