science the biggest enemy of man


Science is the greatest enemy of man The survival of the fittest is the law of nature, but in primitive days man could not destroy man on such a large scale So the primitive were better than today’s civilized nations because we now boast of our powers to destroy the world in seconds The railways have been harmful. They have done more harm than good. You have simply to see people running to the railway station in order to catch the train Your heart beats faster when you hear the rattle of a locomotive rushing into the railway station. They have taken away the peace that we felt in the hearts of those people who performed their journey on foot. They used to get up early in the morning in the tent and soft light of stars. They talked and journeyed in the cold of morning They enjoyed their journeys, while our journeys are like a burden on us The aeroplanes often crash in the air. We have achieved great speed, but we have also lost thousands of lives ever since Every day, we read in the papers that there has been a crash resulting in great loss of lives. The automobiles have made our roads very unsafe for life People would say that medicines have done a lot of good in the world. True, but when there were no medicines, people seldom fell ill. Proportionate to the Increase in medicines, there has been a very great rise in the number of diseases, which were unheard of before the new discoveries in medicines People have become less hard Now their power of resistance has become very low The hospitals are full of patients Let us now look at the effects of the cinema on the life ol the people People think that this is a kind of recreation We now see that it has brought about great moral corruption Small children go to the cinema, learn the habits of stealing and deceiving the people. The general tandard of our morality has fallen down. The cinema excites the young men and women They behave like those in pictures. The people, who cannot afford to have enough clothing, now while seeing new fashion on the screen, try imitate them Many problems have cropped up due to machinery There is unemployment every where Many people are distrusted with life Lile has become mechanical The modern world of science is a world of materialism in which human values are next to nothing The pre-historic people had no scientific weapons, so they had to use stones, bows and arrows for killing, but that aggression was on a small scale A great branch of Science is atomic energy If we use this for betterment of our lives, we could raise our living standard but we use this for making atom bombs and atomic submarines Before the Second World War, there populous busy city of Hiroshima, but in the war it fell a victim to atom bomb Eventually, it turned into the living story of inhuman cruelty We can find even now the reaction of that atomic bomb Looking at the destruction caused by scientific development, we can very rightly say that Science is the enemy of man.


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