Science and war


Science has brought revolution in the present world. It has changed the idea and nature of war. Wars were fought in ancient days between the army of one country and that of another with arrows, spears, hatchets and swords. They were won or lost in the battle fields. Personal bravery was a matter of great honor. These .wars were limited only to the battlefield. The cultivators of lands, get the school-children, the old, the women. Be shop-keepers and workers in the factories were not attacked by the enemy. Wars in olden days were less destructive, but now the whole scene is different. Countless people are killed in the war now The modern inventions of science have made war more deadly and more extensive. With the invention of gun and gunpowder, science made an epoch-making contribution to war During the course of time refuels and cannons were made and

used by the soldiers. The use of such deadly weapons first hogan in the East. During the World War I. science took a sudden leap and became a hand-maid to war War was mechanized. Guns were improved to bombard forts and cities situated at a distance of sixty or seventy miles. Bombs grew heavier and heavier Now the wars are won or lost in the laboratories and workshops. They are the busiest centers of modem warfare: The soldiers have become only tools that apply these inventions of science During the World War ll, the Germans invented mare terrible weapons of war to be used on the ground. in the sea and in the air. But each weapon of offence we was met with an equally strong weapon of defense, Tanks were met with anti-tank guns, poisonous gas brought about the manufacture of gas masks. To bring down the bombers. anti-aircraft guns came Ute into being Now aplomb homonym. Co halt bomb. Hydrogen hob. Nitrogen bomb and Inter continental missiles have been invented. The scientists have developed and cultivated different kinds of by germs. They poison air, water and fool. People die with in time. In this way man has lost his importance He is just like a housefly. The modern war brings ruin and devastation not only to the armies but also to the poor civilians. Innocent men, women children living in towns and cities are bombarded indiscriminately killed. is war in which everybody is and destroyed. With the raid means of communications and inventions like jets and missiles, war has lose its local

Mr Kengkeo, of Handicap International stands in a crater and shows a piece of scrap metal from a dismantled bomb that weighed 1000 pounds. Decades on, Laos is still living with the effects of the Vietnam war. Millions of bombs were dropped by US aircraft in Laos in an attempt to destroy the supply lines of North Vietnamese forces.

characteristics. It has become international. A war between twig nations spreads like wild fire throughout the world. There is a now field which is not affected by the present horrible war. With all these demerits science has also served the human beings at a large scale. Defensive weapons like the gas-masks, anti- tank guns, anti-aircraft guns and radars are there for our safety Some inventions of science are used for the amelioration of pain and suffering and for saving men from disease and death. Science has also made wonderful progress in the field of medicine and surgery. If we use science only for betterment of man kind, it will become a great blessing for human beings.

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