The role of parents and education in our life.

those are are very lucky who the in the hi very shadow of love their parents. There is a o story of a little child Once upon a time there was a little boy whose parents died in an accident when he e was hardly of eight years. They were the rich T in wealth. After the death of parents, uncle of e the boy took the responsibility to take care of the boy. When the boy became sensible, his uncle sent him to the boarding school and never looked after him. Due to that, the boy was having bad company of his friends while his uncle’s son was enjoying the comforts of life. When they became elders his uncle’s son qualified for higher education and the boy himself could not study more than intermediate level. His uncle was not wealthy in his comparison but after a time period he wanted to have his own property to him and he started selling the property including the property share of the boy to fillincluding the property share of the boy to fill his belly, and his cousin reached at the peak at this moment his own cousin did not like to meet him. After sometime he sold all the property. Now he was not having any thing that he may sell it to survive so he joined an hotel as a waiter. Once his cousin came in that hotel, with his wife and did not introduce his wife with his cousin. The boy then realized the importance of education. Then he also started taking care of his son and provided the him good education during this, he faced a lot ls a of problems but he stood by, after few years his son became officer at higher rank. Now he realized that those who are well he educated they are not dependent of any one. rich This shows the pivotal role of parents and e of education in human life.

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