The right use of money


Money is a means to an end. It is meant for use. hut, then. the right use of it leads to happiness. the misuse of it leads to misery. Money is not for hoarding. but for removing want and relieving distress. A wise man will use it on himself to satisfy all his legitimate needs, and io beep ocher, but a foolish man will squander it away in unnecessary tribes or harmful luxuries, or will give it to persons bow do not deserve it. “Waste not, want not’ is a very sound maxim Some¬†people condemn money as the mot of evils. They say that we have difficulty in earning and difficulty in keeping it. and it causes us great sorrow when we tart with it. This is an erroneous view The efforts we make in earning money by boost means strengthen our character of course, there are men. such as gamblers and koshers, who wish to adopt abort cats to commune. but we should not condemn wealth for the fail of

these misguided votaries of it. The best advice is “Earn all you can. save all you can, give all you can.” so that earning money is not had we should amass wealth by all means, and must spend it in the right and proper way Neither the miser who starves himself, and makes his pile grow larger day by day. nor the spend thrift who wastes away in drink and luxuries all that he earns, make the right use of money we must live decently, within our income, according to our inquisition, neither spending too much, beyond our means or suction, nor spending less than we ought to. We must save as much as we can These savings will help us in times of need Lay by some against a rainy day. is a very sound advice A prudent man must no only meet his current needs. but music provide for the future also A man who spends every penny

he earns on himself al does not perform his duty towards society The best use of these savings is charity, but our charity shimmed be well-directed. W should not give money to drunkards and idlers who will encouraged by our charity in their had habits and remain a bu on society We should be very careful in spending the money which we or our forefathers have seamed hy the sweat of their hour But one more thing we should bear in mind, tha t accumulation of wealth, though extremely necessary and desirable is not the be-all and end-ali of our existence Money is useful for the satisfaction of the needs of our material existence, but man does not live by bread alone, says the Bible. Goldsmith says:- Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth accumulates, and men decay.



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