The reality of fate and success.

the failures often blame of their failure on their fate while the successful people give credit of their success to their struggle & hardwork. Those who are failure, they always say that fate plays important role in one’s success, whereas the winners believe that man can do and achieve what he strives for. What is reality of fate? How much role is played by fate in one’s success? This is a myth No one accurately defines or explains it. Different people have different views on the role of fate in human success. If we sum up or take average of both views, we can come to the conclusion that hard work is utmost requirement for every work. Without doing work in particular direction, we can never be able to achieve our goal. For example: if some one has to be a doctor he needs to study biology and get admission in pre-medical rather than pre-engineering, and after attempting entry test, he has to go to Medical College for getting degree. If the person wants to be a doctor instead of following aboveto be a doctor instead of following above mentioned process, sits in home and say that it is not written in his fate to become a doctor that is totally wrong and without justification. How he predicts about his that he can not be a doctor? The person who has followed thele procedure and could not pass the entry test or be could not come in merit in the college and & could not become a doctor, he can blame of ys his failure on his fate because he had tried to e’s achieve his goal but could not. If he has not an studied up to the mark that he could pass the at test or come in the merit of the college, it is by his own fault thats why, he could not become ne a doctor The one who has desire to become ent army officer and has defect in his body he can ate claim that to become army officer is not his ke fate because defect in his body is natural the phenomena and there is no personal fault in ost his personality From the above discussion, we can be conclude that weither some thing is in our fate or not, it is unknown to us, and is secret. ady For knowing either it is our fate or not, we cal have to follow the required procedure with ter zeal, and even after the hard work we can notachieve the thing, we should say that it is not our fate but hidden fact of fate is revealed.


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