Radioactivity a threat to our home and health


Although air pollution is linked mostly with the atmospheric air, but, indoor air pollution is also a big risk for health So, what produces problems for our alth in our homes? Of course, cigarette smoke and Carbon monoxide from faulty burners are all possible pollutants Inside our homes which set our health at stake But astonishingly, an uncommon noble gas Radon (Rn- 222) which was discovered in 1900 by German Chemist Friedrich Earnest Dom Radon is a colorless gas produced from the decay of Uranium (U-238) and Radium (Ra 226) which are naturally present in soil. It is rare because all of its isotopes are radioactive in nature and decay in other elements in very short time due to its relatively smaller half life required for one half of a given material to undergo chemical reactions) of days into the emission of Alpha particles, radon converts isotope of element polonium (Po-218) Radon Polonium Alpha particles When Radon breaks down, it produces charged particles not adhere to dust and other fine matter that can be inhaled Therefore, breathing don is harmful because it decays into lungs and causes lungs cancer In lungs, it changes into Polonium which becomes attached to the

ussues in the lungs where radiations can cause cell damage resulting lung cancer The extent of damaged radon depends upon how much radon is in a particular house Its measurements are made in the terms of the radioactivity in Pico Curies per eater, where a cune corresponds to 3.7 x 10 radioactive disintegrations per Estimates suggest that people living in homes with Radon levels above 8 pci/liter have 2% more lungs cancer that a common man without Radon in his home, and that about 10,000 lung cancer deaths a year can be attributed radon, The radon comes from the soil, but how does it get into our houses? No one is entirely sure about it, but it has become a greater problem since we started to build houses which are air tight Ln attempts to save energy for heating and air conditioning Even if the air in homes is exchanged without ventilation once or twice in an hour which is less frequent than it used to be, therefore, as a result radon concentralion Galaxy become higher, What can be done in our houses to remove high means concentration of Radon? Kits can be used, which are special ece of plastic or activated charcoal. In some cases, Doan th infrequently high Radon levels have been cured by comparatively simple methods like placing blowers under the light y house to remove gatherings of Radon in its area.


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