Preservation of health

“Health is better than wealth is a very apt saying. Health of the body is essential for man, for without it, bis life will be a burden both to himself and to others, Great care should be taken to preserve health, and to secure a sound mind in a sound body. There is a very close connection between the body and the mind, and both are interdependent; if the hod is not sound, our mind cannot work properly. Our health depends on moderation in eating and drinking, proper exercise¬†of all the organs, and sanitary surroundings. We cannot be too careful in the mauler of diet. We should eat only wholesome food, which may be easily digested, and provide nourishment to the hay. We should not stuff the stomach with all sorts of things. Our clothes should he light and neat, and according to the season, so that they may protect us from the inclemency of the weather. Our houses should he well-lighted and well-ventilated We should breathe plenty of fresh air, and should carry on our work in the open as far as possible.

Outdoor occupations are very conducive to health. Recreation and physical exercise are also essential for the preservation of health, especially for brain workers. “All work and no play makes though it is also true that all play and no work would make Jack a mere toy Both work and play should go together. One without the other is injurious. Young men should altogether abstain from tobacco smoking, over-spiced delicacies, and other intemperate habits. They should not fritter away their energy. their vital powers. in frivolous pursuits, but should train them to the right and proper use. The use of spirituous liquors should be shunned. Reading of filthy literature also has a deleterious effect on our morals, and on our physical health. A cheerful outlook on life. hopefulness and contentment are also useful for health. A sullen and sour man falls as easy prey to diseases, while a cheerful man who tries to laugh away the small worries of life is a proof against a great many small ailments which afflict us. A due and proper observance of the rules of health is necessary for the preservation of health.

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