Plasma the fourth state of matter


In our Secondary and Higher Secondary classes, we ha learnt that there are states matter: liquid, and gas. Solid is the state which has definite volume ba no definite shape; the state which has neither definit eTresu shape nor definite volume. This definition is not only matter in but it also ignores the most abundant state of the universe plasma. The plasma is a highly ionized gas that occurs at high temperature. The intermolecular forces which are created by ionized attractions and repulsions give their compositions distinct properties. For this reason, plasma is described as a fourth state of matter. is the matter of stars because it is abundantly present in inner stellar space which makes stars shine. It is a high energized electrically charged mixture of ions and electrons. It is the rarest state of matter in the universe, and on the earth, it is found in limited regions. It appears on earth in the form of lightening bolts, flames, auroras and fluorescent lights Natural plasma is found at very high temperature starting from thousands degrees Celsius where it consists of free charged particles usually in equal numbers, such

as ions and electrons Artificial plasma can be created by using electrical charges on gas. It is seen in neon signs. It is very difficult to maintain plasma at low temperature because out side vacuum, low temperature plasma reacts rapidly with a molecule it encounters. Natural plasma is stable, but extremely hot (over 20,000 degrees minimum) and its energy is so high that it vaporizes the matter it touches. Nowadays, scientists are working on putting plasma in effective use because useful plasma would have to be low energy and less reactive Magnetic fields create low energy plasma that creates a state of molecule which is called Meta stable state The magnetic fields are used to create the low

ter temperature plasma which gives the plasma molecules particular another with the with react enables collide This to react they energy. do untul equal electrons that not with molecules to survive long enough molecules. These metastable molecules are selective in their reactivity. Another aspect of pla is: it may self-generate fields and electric cuments and respond strongly to electromagnetic forces. Two examples of plasma are the charged air produced by lightening, and a star such as sun The sun, like all stars, is a massive plasma bind The e hay plasma of a sun is a result of nuclear fusion reaction that is controlled by gravity and magnetic fields. Plasma me bu may result the solution of controlling nuclear fusion.


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