perfume and personality .


Fragrance or smell play very important role in sinc our every day life, it is also a way of information ind which influences an individual’s behaviour owl People use fragrances to express their feelings, rea certain flowery and soft scents are associated with buy women, while sharp ones with men Smell and fragrances play an important role you in exciting responses of fear, hostility, and imp friendliness Pleasant and good fragrances always col tend to give an edge to ones beauty and making lea ones personality more pronounced. It is essential lea not just to look smart, but also use nice fragrance It is very important to emit a good odour around wa you especially during summers, when the heat ear makes you perspire profusely. Each person has his yo or her own distinct natural odour which arises en largely due to the action of bacteria or the af chemicals in the sweat. By itself perspiration is w odourless, but when the bacteria start attacking b the skin, it begins to smell, it smclls most where it can not evaporate easily The use of perfumes is also very essential in y summer, but be careful in using the right amount h of it. Too much deodorant or perfume hassickening and suffocating effect which mingles one with the smell of the sweat Don’t sprinkle it all Perf one over, but lightly dab it on the pulse points. Scent oozing from your body must always be cou effe mysteriously subtle or not over bearing The perfume you use should be an adjunct to the rem your personality and should not clash with it Take your time to decide while buying one, don’t ant just walk into a shop and buy whatever is yo available. The common mistake is to smell too Fr many perfumes one after the other, since the smell ex of first one is still lingering on. To chose a right to perfume, dab a little on the inside of your wrist, ex wait for a while, then smell your wrist and decidein since no perfume smells same on the two tion individuals, because each one of us have our our own body chemistry on the whicl, the perfume ngs, reacts differently. So, it is not at all advisable to with buy a perfume that smells good on your friend, it is important to test and find out how it smells on you. After the perfume has been bought, it is and important to use it correctly. Some of the eau-de- colognes can be mixed with bath water, since it leaves lovely fragrance all over the body and leaves you, most of all, feeling fresh and glowing. Eau-de-colonges can also be used liberally on warm pulse point of the body, wrists, behind the ears, inside and between the knees, and the nap of his your neck or at any other place you would like to emphasize. The best way to use cologne water is he after your bath and without drying your body is with a towel. Splash the cologne all over the wet ng body; let it soak and then lightly pat it dry Scents iast for four or five hours, so it is a good idea to keep a little bottle tucked away in in your hand bag to be used when you feel that it nt had faded away. If you have more than one as perfume b ottles with you, it is a good idea to openules one at a time, use it regularly till it is linished all Perfume evaporates with heat if not closed tightly While using deodorants remember they sent be counteract the smell of the sweet but have no effect on its low, where as antiperspirants reduce t to the amount of sweat normally It should be it remembered that though, deodorants and n’t antiperspirants are helpful, they become useless if is your personal hygiene is poor too Fragrance and smells are memorable, they add an mell extra dimension to our personality, and they tend ght to be the part of your very personal memories and ist, experiences. So always be careful to leave behind de, pleasant and sweet smelling memories.

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