Pangs of Computer.

Pangs of Computer

A village postman is sitting silently on a stool. The Eid is nearer, but this year he has very few Eid cards to deliver. He asks himself whether son has forgotten to wish Eid to his father, lovers have changed their minds to the eternal world of love, or mothers have been indifferent to their far off living sons, or friendship has vanished from the world. After all what has happened? What has snatched the love of father, mother, son, lover and a friend? He feels lmtaled, disturbed, degraded as if those all cards were sent o him, as if he has been unimportant Let us leave that innocent man there, but only the man not the problem, only the victim not the victimizer, and so the victimized and the problem is in the cry that Computer has reduced the importance of man, because those all Eid wishes and sentiments were sent through computer This problem is not only of that poor postman but of every individual. The man is in danger, degradation, disturbance, destruction, digging the nasty things of modernism, from which, he has found computer, a creation, which dictates now the creator, an invention which discards now the inventor, and a slave which has enslaved the master now Bravo man bravo! You have invented computer, a monster which has found its way in factories, firms corporations, companies, and markets and where not,aiming and conquering dragging these places, and pulling man out, throwing him out, and the reason is v shameful They say computer’s precision, fast calculation and huge storing of information is incompatible unsurpassable Thus, man’s mind and motion, capabilit and vision and precision has been put uncertainty, has been put to question, the mind which gave birth to this machine Bravo man bravo!


on inventing such fast tool to devoid man fast of loaves to put him in the mouth of unemployment Bravo man bravo! on entering computer a do not say throw out computer from your life. but I do say not to throw life from your life Life is mixture of emotions, that is mixture of laughters, life that is mixture of memorable companies, under the trees, beside the lakes in the mid of nature should be passed in real manner But sec. ee memorable sittings are vanishing gatherings of children gatherings of youth, all of these are Those dancing s and exchange of beautiful vanishing looks and have gone away, away and away into nothingness, and the victimizer and the problem has taken man into small rooms, confining him into little cabins, making him to sit on stool with a cup lea Morality is the essence of man’s character, which makes man a man, which makes a man above other creatures Bul see the morality, the essence of man’s character in cruel hands of computer, see the new generation finding the immoral websites on internet, no hand to save their morality, no hand to save their precious time, see our children who throw their school bags when lhey arrive frmm schools and start playing videogames on computer I ask why computer replaces man in different departments, why children play video games on computer than Lo play with their friends, why we give more ume wander on internet roads than to have a chit chat with our lamily members why we have been more curious aboutcomputer than to be curious about man’s concern. Thus, man’s coming generation is going to be unsocial. unemployed and immoral, considering computer’s importance more than man’s importance. The victimizer and the problem is in the cry that Computer has reduced the importance of man.

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