Nuclear technology and its implications

Man has made many inventions in the field of th century called the century of ma development, in computer, space and nuclear technologies In the 19 century all the scientists philosophers and scholars believed that energy coul neither created nor be destroyed only its or could be chanited But when Einstein gave his theory of relativity in 1905, all the old and ancient laws and theories relating tr Science stood obsolete Albert Einstein a great Mathematician pounded his theo which is Emo where m is mass, c is velocity of light and E is energy released There are mainly two processes by which we can get energy Fission This name was given to the process by a Jewish scientist, Lise Meil nen This is a process in which a heavy nucleus is broken into two or more fragments with release of energy Nucleus of an atom can be broken by electrons. protons or neutrons Electrons and protons being charged particles are attracted or repelled, but neutrons can neither be attracted nor be repelled because of which neutron Uranium and into atomic nucleus Fission is possible in plutonium. Making And Usage of Atomic Bomb In 1934, the lualian scientists, Enrocoferuch and Eualiosegro, bombarded uranium atom wah neutron They were trying to make element having higher atomic number than uranium, which then had the highest known number It is seen that uranium 235 (sotope of uranium 238) undergoes fission even with slow moving neutro When neutrons penetrate into nucleus, the atom is splil into two approximately equal fragments with release of energy with three neutrons These three neutrons cause fission un three other atoms of uranium producing new neutrons and so on This is called “Chaun reaction” Same occurred with the Italians scientists, but despite their best eflorts, they could not identify the first element When thus news reached Berlin, the two German scientists, Otto Haln and Fritz Strassman, repeated same experiment in theu laboratory But Ono was unable to identity that element He was perplexed by this discovery and he wrote the whole experiment and its result to the Jewish scientist, Lise Meitnenan, an Austrian Jew, who had once worked with him in Berlin, but then he went to Stock- home, a town of Sweden, because of Hitler’s cruelties on Jews in Germany When that letter reached Lise Meitner, she quickly understood the whole matter described in the letter She knew well that according to Einstein’s E mc, when uranium was splited, how much energy would be released She also discussed with her nephew. Ono Fnsch, an under- graduate student at the University of Copenhagen, who was visiting her dunng Christmas celebrations Lise had got a great top secret and, of course, as she was a Jew, an enemy of Germany, she wanted this secret to be shifted far away from Europe to Amenca For she talked to her friend scentist, Neul Bohr, was there on his trip Neil Bohr quickly understood what Lise wanted to describe.

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