Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.

with the force of crafts and guns, the man do of modern age gave birth to such to philosophies which joined hands together so hi as to block the evolution of mankind Technologically, man is of immense power, wr culturally, he is the creature of Stone Age su Though man is sent here as the vicegerent of Allah Almighty on the earth, but it is the same ac man today who has lost his status of supremacy over other creatures. Therefore, torch-bearers ca of the time have left among us¬†one message Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm This is the message which is the th touchstone to measure the greatness of a of person. It is also one of the things, manner ch ever intends for To be a great person is not a al matter but how to be great is the issue that needs one’s concern. It is said that some are d born great, some achieve greatness and some e have greatness. It is also said that we becomegreat by doing small things in great way. These words also reveal an image that how greatness wh can be achieved. If we turn up the pages of history, we will find that all those who had enthusiasm, they did well to improve small things in great way and they achieved the status of greatness as u well. This enthusiasm is like stress: the positive N stress called as en-stress. It is the vibrant source w which fills a sort of strength in a man and itn n does not allow a man to bow his head down h to dust. Enthusiasm brings man at the top of so his aims and fills up all the gaps. We shall have d. to admit that the heights, where the great men were reached and were not attained by any sudden flight, but they, while their companions of slept, were toiling upward in the nights to achieve the heights. Here, this thing is also necessary to be taken in to account that one rs can not grow and prosper over night but by tooth and nail effort We must not forget, too, that the change is he the nature of life but the challenge is the aim a of life. Therefore we should challenge the er changes and not change the challenges but a again this all is possible if we have enthusiasm. at There is one example which is the soul of are defining the importance and gravity of me enthusiasm. A poor student of Rawalpindi, inin 2011, secured A Grade in 21 subjects out of 23 in A-level examination. His name is written in the world record. Here it is, no doubt, an appealing question that what was the thing which gave him support to score which was never before scored. Therefore, it is obligatory and essential for us to admit that those people become Einstein, Newton and Students like Ali Moin Nawazish who have enthusiasm while others become the soil of graveyard

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