Do not care what people will say?

All the people in this world are created by God with different mind with different thinking, different way of life, different characters, different behavior, and with different choice but the brain is same in all. Brain is same but things are different and way of life is different.

All the humans are made equally on this earth they all are same but the thing that is different is only thinking, that change each and every thing. no doubt that we all are one creation but instead of this many discriminations are made many differences are made by people, just on one thing and that is money, money is that thing that had created crushes between this creation.

one who is rich in money is respected by society too much and on other hand one who is rich by heart is not so respected by the society because money matters not the character. if a person is bad by character and is rich in money no matters what is his character the thing that only matters is money.

now  a days people only think about other people that what people will say, whatever they are going to do for that work first they think a lot for that work that should we do this or not. this thing only destroys their life and their way of life. people should live their own life by own choices do not think that what people will say because you are owner of your own life do not care about people  just live your life freely free from all worries, free from all tensions, free from all jealousies and free from all kind of discomforts. these all things can be just done when you will be free from people things because other people only hurts nothing else because they can not see you in a comfortable stage because they can not see you happy and your happiness. get rid of all these worries from your life and just live your peaceful life with your choice and with your own thinking. life will soon give you happiness.

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Asim mahesar
I am a hobbyist web developer, designer & Internet Marketer. I am also a Penetration Tester. I've spent the great part of two decades working as a developer and user experience designer. Apart from development I love to do marketing whether its a SEO or pure internet marketing. I fallen in love with security in 2011, now its my hobby to learn about security and find vulnerabilities but in a ethical way.


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