The mystery of mysterious bermuda triangle.


At 110 hours, December 05, 1845, five avenger torpedo bombarded the runway of the Fort Lauderdale Naval Air Station Flight Instructor Licutenant Charles G Taylor was leading thirteen crewmen ol Flight 19 on a routine navigation training exercise But suddenly, the occurred something not good Flight 19 started smoothly but at 1540 hours troubled message was received by another plane that his squadron was intercepted by H Robert Cox, who was air borne over lort Lauderdale on anot exercise What’s the matter Asked Robert to Taylor “My both compasses are out and I am trying to Mind fort Lauderdale said Taylor The contact remained for five minutes, transmitter faded by and by, until it stopped The authorities at Fort Lauderdale started a search and before search meted out a mariner flying in the air with another thirteen crewmen cried But the mariner was not heard For next five other search planes flew more than 930 sorties over the area but a scrap of wreckage was found from either Flight 19 or mariner. This territory is situated in North Atlantic Ocean and known as “Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle is triangular shape of water in North Atlantic Ocean Bermuda, up till now, has engulfed over 50 ships and 20 airplanes. They all disappeared mysteriously Reports of unexplained occurrences in the region during mid nineteenth century state that some ships were discovered without any living being for any apparent reason, no any signal was seen again Aircrafts have been reported vanished flying in the area. The mystic thing about this is that not a single scrap of wreckage has been found yet Scientific searches have revealed nothing to substantiate the peril story ol the region But, there had been report published in the newspaper about the discovery of the secret of Bermuda I was reported that there occurred large deposits of methane gas under side of the region Due to bubbles of methane gas coming out of water, the ship passing over the area fell to displace the required amount of water and density of water becomes less, the ship sinks. Therefore, due to methane gas spread over large area in the atmosphere of that region, the engines of aircraft catch fire and get destroyed Therefore, let us hope the real mystery of Bermuda is discovered soon by scientists It is a challenge for them.

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