Modern technology and ethical values


21st century is the era of science and technology as cond competition and challenge in which science has touched thic the sky by its splendid inventions as it has discovered new horizons Medical sciences lead all the rest because it hi conquered all diseases against which man had never thougr to overcome. The biggest revolution is brought by the invention of computer which has completely given U-tum to the world. No one can ignore the modern invention of cel phone, MP3, internet etc On one side, science has invented and discovered thin for the welfare of human beings, but on the other side, when we look at character and ethical values, we drastically stand at naught. No doubt, by science, we have successfully set our feet on moon and touched the deep oceans but we have lost all those lessons of respect and honour which were the part of our tradition Television has made a firm place in the hearts of people Moreover, the erotic movies corrupt the young generation. and in result, they respond negatively and react aggressively Cell phone is also misused, the young generation is engagrd in typing SMS, subscribung late night packages and geting involved in numerous immoral activities Lnternet, which has tumed the world into a global

village, has comupted young minds by introducing immoral sites Now, the latest inventions of MP3 or MP4 work as pocket television because the appliances can save 500 songs and much stu in its memory, keeping the youth busy listening invaluable songs All these things play a vital role in corrupting young generation at larger scale Due to these, they grow violent and behave aggressively. Moreover, they also forget their ethical norms, cultural values and religious rituals. Hate, selfishness and indecency become the travesty of love, respect, honesty and modesty. Respect of man as man is no longer observed, while evil thoughts have conquered the young minds If this modern science and technology would stay any longer to affect our ethical norms, this cosmos would be trust-free because life needs love, respect, honour, character and ethics; but it seems quite difficult to maintain in existing conditions of our society, and in future, there would be no ethics and this world would be in utmost darkness.

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Asim mahesar
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