Mobile Phone and Its Dangers

Every one is familiar that the phone was or invented by Graham Bell, which was very au expensive to use, but now a days we are looking se any where, every one is using mobile phones. at There are number of reasons behind it Firstly, the purchasing of mobile phones was out of the reach of middle or poor people, cel but after they became cheap when Chinese cell of phones appeared in markets, people started Sto purchasing them A good number of people purchased use mobiles which resulted the competition among the cellular network companies as: Ufone, Zong, auc Mobilink, Telenor and Warid. They started acc offering packages to their customers to attract co them Then, few more people started hel purchasing mobiles. The rapid increase took place due to innovation in mobile phones; an customers increased using online services such a as Internet or mobile email access Nokia N92 is a cell phone by which dem customers can watch television, share photos,

ap stream music and send emails with Th attachments Using technologies as 3G, ace WLAN, and universal plug, play (UPNP, T. V ris broadcasting technology enabling low cast wi delivery of high quality broadcast programs to amuse audience Today, every one can talk to their dearones, sending and receiving messages, getting amusement and playing movies on it. We can see the people using mobiles widely and talking at offices, homes or even, for that matter, in public places, mobile have become common People only know the positive side of use of cell phone but there are also certain side effects of that are very much harmful for the health The Institute of Environment Medicine at Stockholm has reported that ten or more years use of mobile phone can dramatically increase the risk of developing brain tumor on the auditory nerve.

The study of around 150 acoustic neuronal patients and 600 health control patients could be used to confirm long held fears that cell phones are bad for health This research pointed out that only analogue phones had been in use for more than a decade when the study about the side effects of cell phones was conducted; they could not determine if the same conditions could be applied to the long term use of digital phones The researchers said when they took into account the side of the head, they found that the risk was almost four times higher on the sidecall-phone was normally used. as It shows that use of mobile phones should restricted as for as health is concerned


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