Merits and demerits of mobile phone


Science is a kind of knowledge which we get from experiments and observations. Through it we have invented so many things to make life easier such as refrigerator, computer, car, aeroplane and so many other things, Mobile phone is one of them Science does not ever invent the things which destroy the humanity, harm the humans, but has always tried to make life luxurious. Mobile phone is a source of rapid communication, we can talk any where with anyone in the world, no matter that place miles far from us. It

helps businessmen to do their trade on It is like a mini-computer Nowadays mobile phone is tacilitated with modern necessities such as internet, camera, radio and music, etc Now this small device helps us a lot in an daily life, but the other side, it has been used in wrong om way too. Mobile phone is just like a time passing machine for generation, because boys waste a lot of time in chitchat, calling others as to tease them, listening music at studies timings, etc If a boy has a girlfriend then he would waste his time ruthlessly in talking to her almost the whole phone is not If the same practice of of mobile our young stopped, it would mark the weakening of It should be Let us use this invention positively used for the purpose it has been invented for.


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