Men loves danger


Living a luxurious life and providing rest to pa his body have not always remained the nature of man. But to explore the hidden ueasures and to strive to touch the summit of success are his lal priceless merits. He does so either to entertain to himself or to prove his power, talent, and pe tactics. In his fight of getting high stage, man ra certainly faces panic. Generally, none wants to for dip down in the well of danger, but, below, 39 some dangerous sports are discussed which he Th plays even knowing about the consequences sta Base Jumping Relying upon fortune and jumping from elevated bases is very strange interest of man, ga known as base jumping. The jumps are called sna blind batting, because in them, man has no po control of his own and all depends upon inj whether the chute opens at door or not. fra Statistics shows that it has eaten up 180 lives Ca since it began in 1980 Big Wave Surfing In the regions where snow falls most of the acc part in year, it is great fun to leave your body unk where waves of snow can take you. This game Sud is played in 50 ft water falls; great danger may new be witnessed. A surfer may lose his life when he met is smashed into hidden rocks, on the other peo this hand, sharks may also await themBull Riding Riding a bull is associated with old western ranching activities. It is, in fact, a pleasure to the soul of man, but, pains the body of bull. The animal has to exhaust its energy by hurling 70 lbs, weight twisting, leaping, and tossing the rider 10 ft up into air. Man gets his ribs, jaws, and back bone broken; it occurs very commonly. ile rider rides the animalto participants try to divert its attention re Volvo Ocean Race lt is very common by man to have a race on is land, but, it seems very dangerous and strange n to carry out race of ships at sea or ocean, it, nd perhaps, gives joy from danger. Among many n races on oceans, Volvo ocean race stands first to for great participations in it. It covers about v, 390,00 nautical miles covered in nine months e This is very long and tiring journey; life is at stake in case of imbalance of the ship Rugby Rugby is regarded a maximum injury prone game because, during the game, players try to d snatch ball from each other to reach at a given o point. Players don’t stop till they meet an n injury. During the game, they attain many t. fractures and bone- breaking pains. s Cave Diving It is very horrible moment for one when he enters in a dark cave. This might happen e accidently, but, to dive about 100 ft down in an y unknown ditch is a game known as cave divingSuccessful or returning ones are considered as newly born because one allows himself at the mercy of prevailing conditions. Since 1996, 500 people have tasted death being the victims of this game. Mountaineering This sport is very appropriate for one who likes troubles and dangers. It reflects the heroic qualities of man’s mind and body; it does not need physical strength but moral capacity as well. The game needs advance training, rock studies and many other skills. Unpredicted weather may cause great dander, ie. strong wind and snow fall.

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