Memory tips.

Remembering the lists of words simple grammatical rules, formulae and retaining what is studied is a great problem for many students. You can brush up on your recollection skills by following the nine memory tips given to excel in student life Alphabet System Put different things and names you want to remember in alphabetical order. This is great method for remembering long lists of items in a specific order. A is for apple; B is for boy, and thus start remembering. Next time, when you want to recall them, imagine them in alphabetical order The Link Story Method Invent bizarre or funny stories to same items you need to remember like the formula of SIN Per/Hyp, Cos- Base/Hyp, Tan Peer/Base, we can remember it as “Some people have curly brown hair tint pant black” Acronyms Make a word out of the first letter of the item to be recalled. For instance, you want to remember the names of the Mughal Emperors (Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, and Aurangzeb). Make an acronym with the first letters from the name of each emperor like Bhajsa. The Journey System This system uses landmarks on a journey to remember the first four presidents of the United States. Take this journey: on our way to Washington we saw our friend Adam who wanted to go to Jeff to play a new video game called Mad (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison) Movement Learning Songs that include movement help children remembering their vocabulary, head, shout does, knees and toes’, is very effective when chanting is the song. The singers touch these parts of body u with the movements of hands by Rhyme and Rhythm This is an effective tool for remembering dates or siniple grammatical rules. For example In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue “or to before e except after e” at The Number Shape Mnemonic With the system, we help children d remembering the numbers. For instance: number u 7 could be boomerang; number 8 is like two equal al slides of guava placed one upon another and so on. In this way, you build imaginary pictures and use numbers to represent the shape of the object s Colour Code The use of colours is linked strongly to e memory. If you need to remember the seven y continents on the world map with their location, give them colour code and recall their location with the colour you have given to each continent. o Associating Facts This is also one of the best ways to remem r, ber the names of big personalities in history, You d can associate the names of the personalities you st are reading in a book with people or places you e already know chronologically For instance: I wanted to remember the names of the four caliphs of Islam in a chronological order. I associated them with Abu Bakr graveyard, Umar my deceased cousin, and Usman another relative of mine who died after Umar (my son). Now, when I tell the names of the caliphs chronologically, I first say Hazrat Abu Bakar associating him with graveyard. On second, I place Hazrat Umar associating him with my cousin Umar, and at third, Hazrat Usman. In this way, their chronicle order never escapes from my memory

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