Man and Computer

Human coexisting with computer is a ex hallucination or a nightmare for some people ve for most of us, it is science fiction. Most among ide us talk about the negative features of computer technology. But, it is not so. Computer has na become the great need of today’s age, and it is de proved much helpful to the people. Therefore, it of is certain that computer and human can live in otl tranquility. They can be happy if computer ad maintains peace within us, and on the other tha hand, the computer can betray human, the way tha human does to each other. Richard Brautigan wrote a story in which dy he has discussed the harmony between hu of beings and computers. He actually wants to tell si those, who believe that computers are great es social and moral loss. He believes that human ese and computer can live together in harmony, if mi computers are in control. It shows that he th the trusts computer more than human beings. To us peruse optimistic perception, he used we his petition. This is demonstrated when he used rel the words “I like to think” through out the poem, which he wrote about the subject. It m helps the reader stay intact of his main idea, and also it shows strength in his delusion. He also au used imagery to give us an idea about his co vision. In his write up, he said, “Mammals and us computer live together in mutual harmony, like hi pure water touches clear sky”. This style was w created to form an attractive portrait in our to mind, the author used an elegant way to ht th persuade the readers. He understands that it is Th very hard to accomplish a society with human and computer. However, he compared thea exquisiteness of both versions. His poem was e, very influential to the readers to consider his idea of human and computer living in harmony In the second paragraph, a computer is a as narrator telling readers his story; he said he was is designed to do certain jobs. However, the abuse it of his job by humans has taught him to deceive in others. In the beginning, he talks about his er admirations for Milton, his creator. He thinks that Milton Davidson understands him more ay than anyone in the world. They were true friends, Joe, the computer, turned out to be ch dynamic character. The story took place in an an office, where they always worked ell simultaneously as friend. Joe was created especially for the office work .The office was an essential, because it gave readers an idea of if motivation for them to settle together most of he the time. It also explains the abuse of Joe to be To used for personal purpose instead of office sed work, and this is illustrated, when Milton sed relocated the job of his sought girls to his office the Milton’s activity had made him a terrible rolemodel for Joe. This story indicates a conflict between man and machine. Such stories explain that computers are no less than human. It also gives us a theme that a bad role model can’t expect his followers to be good. If Milton had treated women with respect, then Joe might have learnt to care for others with esteem. Even though, human created computer, it doesn’t mean that s they are going to stay in their control forever. The computer will have a dream to control e human also, however, if human treated themonly as a friend, then hopefully they will treat human the same way This harmony or disharmony is for future expectations; they both can take place in future; it is also great expectation that human and computer will remain tranquilly; human nature is also transferring towards computer which includes jealousy, betray, and s The entire write-up by Richard Brautigan, it is mentioned that computers are very importantfor men. Further, he also discusses the psychological aspect of computer towards men. Coexisting of human and computer can be possible if computers are in control, because creators have a lot to learn from the computer. They don’t have jealously like human does, however, if humans are in control, then computer will be influenced by all the bad nature of human.

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