Major world religions.


Since the inception of human civilization, H man was in the quest of such system which M could be quite helpful for all the classes of tw society. Time to time, man had developed ways ca of leading happy, peaceful life. The need of su such systems was found eagerly when men were go not civilized, they used to kill each other; they o fought on very small matters; they had no sense w of human relations; they ate unlawful animals; they used to fight battles only to realize their power. In such state of deep ignorance, God sent His holy men on earth to educate and civilize their fellows. They told people the c message of God and taught them not to fight r against each other. There began the birth of b religion- a way of leading life. Here it must be kept in mind, some religions were revealed- ordered by God i through His messengers while others are man made- which man made for the betterment of their fellows. Way of leading life told by God is one and same from the very beginning, but man-made system are always in the state ofchange Following are few big religions of the world having many followers: Islam Islam is a revealed religion which began since the beginning of the world or universe. God has sent many of his prophets to teach men to obey His orders, not to hurt each others, not to kill anyone and not to do unjust with anyone. In simple words, it is ones complete submission to God. The first prophet of God is Hazrat Adam while the last one is Prophet Muhammad. In between, God has sent one lac twenty five thousand prophets. All of them ys came with the same message of complete of submission to God; all of them told men to be re good and to do good. Presently, all Islamic ey orders are inscribed in a holy book, Quran se which was revealed on Prophet Muhammad ls, (p. b.u.h.). od Hinduism Hinduism is not a revealed religion, it is a he culture. Its followers are called Hindus The religion is mainly limited to India. Its religious of book is the Vedas. It presents God in many forms. It accepts the caste system. It leads to ne absolute reality and its identity with the od individual soul. of Confucianism Taiwan It is practiced mainly in China and Confucius, its founder, lived about 2500 years of ago. The Polygon is its main religious book. It ath, for all and an end of selfinterest. Christianity It is about 2000 years old. Jesus Christ is the prophet. It is a revealed religion. But, its book is not preserved in its original verses According to the need of time, the believe made many amendments in its contents. The followers believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God; they are very strict at the belief. They do not believe in the finality of ProphetMuhammad (p b u h). Their religious book is the Bible, Sikhism It is 500 years old, Guru Nanik is the founder of religion. They believe in one God Their holy book is Garanth Sahib It recommends the truth of all religious; it aims at bringing all religions to an end. It rejected the Hindu caste system Here, I want to say that none of the religions of the world allow their followers to doevil deeds. All the religions, whether revealed or otherwise, teach their followers to remain peaceful, civilized, and good citizens of the society. If the follower of any religion does a crime, it should not be understood as the mindset or fault of religion. Moreover, it is the hour of need that all the followers of religions must remain peaceful to make this world so. Religion can save the world from destruction because it is commonly said: “Religion is the last refuge to a scoundrel”

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