List of Commonly Used Abbreviations

we are here write more useful

Abbreviations for just you to boost your information so lets see down .

ADB —————-  Asian Development Bank
ADP —————-  Annual Development Plans
AIDS —————-  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AEZs —————-  Agro-Ecological Zones
AJK —————- Azad Jammu Kashmir
AJKED —————-  Electricity Department of Azad J. Kashmir
ARI  —————- Acute Respiratory Infection
CAA —————-  Civil Aviation Authority
CAS —————-  Country Assistance Strategy
CFAA —————-  Country Financial Accountability Assessment
CISP  —————-  Community Infrastructure and Services Project
CMU —————-  Concrete Masonry Unit
DAC —————-  Disaster Assessment and Coordination
DECC —————-  District Emergency Coordination Committee
DFID —————-  Department for International Development
DPL —————-   Development Policy Loan
ECLAC  —————-  Economic Commission for Latin America and
the Caribbean
EMG —————-  Emergency Management Group
ERC  —————- Emergency Relief Cell
ERP  —————-  Earthquake Recovery Program
ERRA —————-  Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
FAO  —————-  Food and Agricultural Organization
FHA —————-  Frontier Highway Authority
GDP  —————-  Gross Domestic Product
GIS —————-  Geographical Information System
GOP —————-  Government of Pakistan
GTZ  —————-  German Agency for Technical Cooperation
HIV —————-  Human Immunodeficiency Virus
IBRD —————-  International Bank for Reconstruction and
IDA —————-  International Development Association
IESCO —————-  Islamabad Electricity Supply Company
IFAD —————-  International Fund for Agricultural
JBIC  —————-  Japan Bank for International Cooperation
JICA —————-  Japan International Cooperation Agency
KfW —————-  Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau
LGRDD —————-  Local Government and Rural Development
LHW —————-  Lady Health Workers
LPG —————-  Liquefied Petroleum Gas
MOH —————-  Ministry of Health
MOWP —————- Ministry of Water and Power
MPNR-—————  Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources
MSW —————-  Municipal Solid Waste
NCHD —————-  National Commission for Human Development
NGOs —————-  Non-Governmental Organizations
NHA —————-  National Highway Authority
NWFP —————-  North West Frontier Province
OMC —————-  Oil Marketing Companies
P&DD —————-  Planning and Development Department
PESCO —————-  Peshawar Electricity Supply Company
PHC —————-  Primary Health Care
PHED—————-  Public Health Engineering Department
PIFRA —————-  Project to Improve Financial Reporting and
PIHS —————- Pakistan Integrated Household Survey
PPAF —————-  Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund
PRSC —————-  Poverty Reduction Support Credit
PRSP —————-  Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
PSCB —————-  Public Sector Capacity Building
PWD —————-  Public Works Department
RCC —————-  Reinforced Cement Concrete
SAC —————-  Structural Adjustment Credit
SC  —————-  Steering Committee
SHYDO  —————- Sarhad Hydro Development Organization
SMEDA  —————-  Small and Medium Enterprise Dev. Authority
STG —————-  Secondary Transmission and Grid
SUPARCO —————-  Space and Upper Atmosphere Research
TMA —————-  Tehsil Municipal Administration
UN —————-  United Nations
UNDP —————-  United Nations Development Programme
UNESCO —————-  United Nations Education, Scientific and
Cultural —————-  Organization
UNFPA —————-  United Nations Population Fund
UNICEF —————-  United Nation Children’s Fund
USAID —————-  United States Agency for International
WAPDA —————-  Water and Power Development Authority
WEF —————-  World Economic Forum
WHO —————-  World Health Organization





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