life : A Filling Drop of Rain

It is commonly said that life has got the re fastest acceleration: it means that time is very an short with us, and in it, we have to consider or th revisit our or good bad deeds. There are two ha different possibilities at different situations: sh good deed which admires right path and bad is deed which leads to wrong path. In this short span of life, two roles are being played by different people: positive and as negative The one who assures to be with gl positive role would be known to everyone with fo respect. But, the other, with negative role th would achieve nothing except disgrace and th disrepute. You must have to predicate a right path where you shall be passing from the wonderful ca stages of this delighted life. This identical It statement of life is also same as the drop of rain p when it falls onto the smooth and clean surface, p it would be considered useful among the rest of those which fall on rough surface, and e simultaneously that drop will be falling until the h sun rises and turns rainy weather into a shining seday; those drop of rain stop falling and could not remain permanent to their falling aim. Same is the case with life that it would not remain ever into this mortal world In this regard, a well known dramatist Brawny said very beautiful words: “Life is like the cup; deeds or indeed It means that it is full of such required deeds or indeed; those who use them correctly become successful in their life; they would remain the ever shinning stars in this blooming sky Everything in the life beholds dignity he related to any perso which shows his honour ry and respect for which he is chosen. And for or those achievements, it is very much granted to have a selective aim The main purpose which es: shows the accomplishment of a successful goal ad is to assert such probabilities which are meaningful when we see around the world, it makes us nd astonished that whatever is happening in this ith global world makes an opposite angle to be ith followed by different characters. Everyone in le, this universe possesses different thinking and nd the way of living life, where they could meet their applicable thoughts Life has got such severe stages where one ful

cannot be determned to his authentic approach It is a very complicated game where our cal ain psychology justifies a great impact on to the personality of a man of In this world, two types of living things and exist human beings and animals. The earlier the have the appropriate sense and later ing senseless, their way of living is different Theman lives in his well decorated homes and animals live under the shadow of trees and forests. This situation makes the entire world full of experiments and observations that made people to ponder over what is right and what is wrong. Life is precious gift for us from our Lord Who created us for this entire universe, and from this, we have to make our paradise by our good deeds. Now it is our duty how we are getting such regards to make our life better and comfortable. All the elations in our soul becomevery dominant to the clue that whatever is going to happen with our life is our spiritual skill for which we are able to challenge all the dificulties of this world Life is very short period that may or may not be passing with our required wishes, this atmosphere depends upon the nature of people, living according to their part of life to have such a proper accommodation according to their society. We get an idea from natural phenomenon, we come to know that life comes from life and this process is going on until itgets end. Life is a very tough challenge to which we have to get courageously among severe stages, it can be lifted with our desires, and it is very easiest game for those who do good deeds. Likewise, it is an end for those who believe in its ever enjoyment but it is a start for those who believe in limitation, because it makes very easy for us to reflect an incident ray of light, it is very difficult to reflect the single moment of life into different directions.

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