lesson learnt by hard way

Ali, the son of Bilal and Asma was a very an good boy He was very kind and cared for his w parents. He studied in grade 10 but was very fo intelligent, and always secured straight A s His his parents were proud of him. Teachers liked him lan and always asked him to demonstrate at board- Aft the task he always performed successfully deu The only problem that Ali had faced was he mig had no friend at all, he used to spend all his time lonely, and certain times, be felt to have a and friend whom he could discuss, share, and spend mu his leisure hours His class fellows did not like doo him because of his poverty, intelligence, and Ad modesty. They sought for his company when wer they needed his help to pass their exams Once clim the exams were over, friendship also breathed the its last Therefore, he always longed to have a to h true friend whom he could play, study, and him share his thoughts he One day, a fresh student joined his class, and he found it an opportunity to make friendship arre with him Adeel, the fresh student, had many Tho bad habits and due to this he always got in cont vicissitudes. He, then, made friendship with Ali ever and other alsojoined his company Ali was only the good boy in the gang. The gang would always go together to smoke, they r frequently abused each other. In beginning, Ali n abhorred all this, but soon, he changed the r colour with company, and soon grew pa accustomed of all the rubbish, His grades started to falter and teachers he were worried for it. They would often scold him for his grades, but he ignored them. They co complained his father about his position; they ma got worried to listen it, Bilal decided to keep fou him an eye. Ali often informed his parentesnywhere he went, but once he went outside is without doing so. His father got suspicious and y followed him. Unto his great surprise, he saw is his son smoking and using immoral, abusive m language. He got numb with astonishment d- After gaining his senses, he returned home and decided not to tell anything to his wife as she he might get disturbed To teach his son a lesson, he scolded him a and locked him in his room. Ali screamed too d much but, none was to listen him. His anger e doubled when he received a message from nd Adeel asking him to join the company as they en were doing something very exciting. He ce climbed down from tree which was nearer to d the window of his room. When his father came a to his room, he stood open-mouthed to found d him escaped from window. After few momen he rung his son; a police officer received his ca s; and told him that his son, with his friends, was p arrested in charge of shooting someone y Though, the man survived but, case co n continued. Bilal hired a lawyer for son, but hiseverything proved futile; court sentenced him one year imprisonment. i was very sorry for the act he did. He realized how much wrong he was and how much did he hurt his parents. After he was released from prison, he begged pardon from his parents and requested them to forgive him, he ensured them that he would never repeat what he did earlier He kept his words; he never joined bad company, he never smoked. He passed his maximum time in his studies. Since then, he found books as his best friends.

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