Keeping good health properties of food

Are Vitamin important for our health yes these are essential for our health and growth of the body Vitamin B and C are water soluble there easily drained from the body Vitamin A b e n c are soluble in well they are stored in Shoes from where they are slowly released what about fiber does it help a body to grow fiber process cannot be broken down by our body The right amount of fiber in a diet keeps intestines is healthy and work properly food containing fiber can move along quickly and easily through the intestines what does lake of fiber do to the body it may cause many diseases of the intestines Which kind of food can provide us fiber brown rice brown bread green leafy vegetables fruits specially apple and orange contain a lot of fiber.

Keeping good health function of food


As we know that the proteins are the building blocks of a body so then we should take the food which are rich in protein and feed my fish peanut she’s beef chicken and milk from all of these special event which is called is the balanced diet we should take more and more milk many people don’t like milk but we all know that milk is called as the balanced diet it means that milk consists of all the nutrients milk consists of calcium 15 vitamin and many other things as the proteins are the building blocks of body like this the iron is also important for our body.

Iron is too much important for a body it gives red color to a blood which is called as hemoglobin hemoglobin is made up of mostly iron another most important nutrient for a body is iodine which we got from Salt we should take salt but not too much solved is also necessary for a body because it provides balance your body

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