Irregularity in society

Marcs Seero, philosopher of Rome, has the pointed out in his writings that co irregularity in the society causes the giv declination of the same. Everyone is familiar cla with its results. By irregularity, we meant that irregularity by all means and in all the dimensions. Either of living or of is a communication, it affects other society as an well. In our society same is the case. Some are see enjoying luxurious lives while others are suffering under their feet. If we glance on our political system, we will come to know that politicians are living life above the ruler of is society Punishment of disobedience is only prevailing for the poor whereas for the rich, lam there is no punishment. If irregularity W prevails at the top for a long time in the re nation, then obviously, it will reflect the Sto weakness of some nations to other nations. By this way, such a nation will be dominated by others. If this does not happens, then the poor will challenge the cruelty of the rich in same society, hence a good change may takes place Earnest Hemingway in his famous novel, “The Old man and the Sea said that man can be destroyed but can not be defe Marcs Seero said that politicians are the responsible for the prosperity and declination of a nation Looking at the society mirror, has the image is reflecting the irregularity in its hat composition. People of lower class are not the given equal rights while the people of upper liar class are having enough rights to enjoy that There are special wearings and eatings for all the rich, and for the poor nothing is so, There or is a good education and security for the rich as and there is no proper education and perfect are security for the lower class citizens. There is good medical and electricity Our hat system for the rich while for the poor nothing of is so. Thus, from dawn to dusk irregularity is nly at the peak in our society. From farmers to the landlords and from peon to president, in all walks of life, irregularity is observed. If it ty he remains the same for a long time, a heavy storm of destruction would take place in the society and would damage the social order from all dimensions. Hence, irregularity must be removed from he the society, only by then, the prosperity and a progress will take stability in the society.


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