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The use of computers has become very common nowadays, it is due to the decreasing price of computers and use of internet. In the beginning, only a few people approach to the computer because it was not a familiar technology to everyone and was very costly The use all walks of life compelled people to learn it as as possible, so as to improve and enhance their capabilities, and improve the social status in the society by mastenng in the field of computer Computer technology is changing very rapidly Day by day, changes are being made in the field of computer to improve its performance I am sure that one day, the microcomputers of today shall be equivalent in the performance to the supercomputers, and to make this dream come true the masters are very busy to be the first in bringing the revolution As a result, Tata Sans Ltd, an India-based company has made the world’s fourth most powerful supercomputer according to the just released list of top 500 supercomputers. This supercomputer us built with Hewlett Packard Co servers using Intel chips with a total of 14,240 processor cores The system went operational in the month October 2007 and achieved performance of 1179 terallops It should be noted that the fastest supercomputer, with ome 213,000 processing core, is IBM’s BlueGene L System It is a joint development of IBM and the Department or nergy’s National

Nuclear Security Administration (USA) achieved a benchmark 478 2 As we mentioned above, computer is used everywhere The use of computer for internet has included it in the wonders of the world Therefore, let’s discuss about internet The Internet is the worldwide, publicly accessible etwork of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using the standard Internet Protocol (P), It a network of networks that consists of millions of smaller domestic academic, business ieri networks, which together carry various information and thro the wices, such as online chat, file of the World interlinked Web pages and other documents New Seven Wonders of the World in 2006 Many people have doubt about and World Wide desk et’s clear these two terminologies. The Internet an Web So the World Wide Web are not synonymous the Internet is a Virtu collection of interconnected computer networks, linked by wires, wireless connections, ,the Web is a collection of interconnected documents and other msouros, linked by hyperlinks and URLs The World Wide other services Wob is accessible via the Internet, as are many colle including e-mail, and file sharing most common

language for communication on the musi Internet is English, This may be a result of the Internets origin, as well as role of English in the world. After English 30% of Web visitors) the most-requested languages on the We World Wide Web are Chinese 14%, Japanese 8%, Spanush 8%, German 6%, and French 4%. By continent, 37% of the world’s Internet users are based in Asia, 28% in Europe, and 22% in North America. The Internet technology has developed enough in recent years Class Now, let’s know how to get connected to the internet There are many ways to get connected to internet, The simple one is the cell phones, Nowadays, all mobile companies us provision of internet through GPRS service (GPRS General Packet Radio Service us a form of data connection som that uses packet data technology Due to the efficient use of network, GPRS allows for quick data connection setup and transmission Unfortunately, due to the l is memory of cell phones we cannot get satisfied by connected peop to the internet Because we cannot browse many websites recei a time on the cell phones, and the browsing speed rs not good enough. Therefore, computer is widely used device for this purpose There are different ways to connect to the interne by usung computer Ir you have a modem installed your computer then you use dial up connection their Internet cards of different ISPs Providers We can connect to the internet by using computer through PTCL less connection (t has built modem in it) or through mobile connection intemet allows us to connect lo other computers and information stores easily, wherever they may be across the world. Many ways can be adopted of warking from home, collaboration and infomation sharing with many industries and ofices. For example, ao office worker away from his desk, perhaps the other side of the city, can open a remote desktop session into his normal office using a secure Virtual Private Network (PN) connection via intemet Thus ives him complete access to all bus normal files and data, including e-mail and other applications, while he is away We can share our data saved in the computer through computer file can internet. e-mailed to customers, colleagues and frends as an altachment This includes all kinds of office documents, publications, software products, music, photography, video, animations and graphics Many people use the Intemet to access and download movies and other things for their enjoyment and relaxation We use chat, messaging and email to make and stay in touch with friends worldwide, sometimes in the same way as some one previously had pen pals Many existing radio and television broadcasters provide Internet feeds of their live audio and video streams (for example, the BBC) They may also allow time-shift viewing or listening such as Preview, Classic Clips and many more features We can easily get the schedule of satellite channels and sport updates through Internet Internet has also become a large market for companies, some of the biggest companies today have grown by takng advantage of the efficient nature of low-cost advertusing and commerce through the Internet, also known as e-commerce t fastest way to spread information to a vast amount of is the people simultaneously The Internet has also revolutionized shopping-for example, a person can order a CD online and receive it in the mad withun a couple of days, or download it directly in some cases There is Nowadays,

online jobs are offered to the people no need of sending credentials and other documents Many companies and industries announce their vacancies through their websites, where onlune application forms are filled and tests are taken level can directly apply in the Students of intermediate level can directly apply in the Pakistan Army through their website “Joinpakarmy gov pkt This website allows them to register directly After filling the given entries, they are informed about their test centers and schedule of the same Various universities in Pakistan and outside the country offer their admissions through their official websites. From where the application forms can be downloaded, filled online and the requured information can be about faculty fees and accommodation very easily To me the best use of Internet is to search the topics of our own interest through “Google” Google is known as a search engine, through which, we can get the information by inserting the topic only If we give a topic or a word to Google, it provides a large number of related topics from where we can easily get the required one While using Internet, your computer can be virus-affected. Especially, if you are a gamer Virus can easily insert in your computer by downloading different games and software’s or reading e- mails It can reduce your computer’s processing speed and can damage important data To overcome this problem, what you have to do is to have an anti-virus software Kaspersky Lab., an anti-virus, 60-day free trial vension software is capable of identifying and removing the virus This software can be downloaded through “Google” If you have recently bought a computer, check for viruses because Seagate (a renowned computer accessories provider warmed through its official website that a small number of its Maxtor Basics Personal Storage 3200 hard shipped with the virus, Win32 Only drives purchased since August 2007 were affected These hard drives were sold over the past few months in the Netherlands, Taipei and Thailand Therefore, you should be very careful before you buy a new computer.

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