Internet: A World-wide Linkage


The internet is a collection of inter linked networks, working together cooperatively It is not a single network but a collection of thousands of computer networks through out the world These linked net works are of two types 1. LAN It stands for Local Area Net work. It covers an office or perhaps a campus. 2. WAN It stands for Wide Area Network. It joins distant sites. A WAN may, therefore, extend over the whole country or even many countries A network is itself a collection of computers, linked by cable or radio. On any network, the Internet users can communicate easily with each other and share data beheld in each other’s file When we send any information to any one it goes directly to that one. But for this purpose, there is a special address of every user. By typing that address and material of need, we can get our goal. If a person wants some material on any subject, he will just have to write that topic and must send it up. Since there are thousands of users working on internet at the same time, so any one would take up the topic and write on it Afterwards, he will send it back to the originator.On internet, we may get thousands of universities, government agencies, businesses and individuals on line. An internet user will normally have to pay the phone bills Any one who wants to get a connection in internet, he may get from a service provider. Service provider is an organization offering access to some or all of the services available over the intemet. Therefore, any one with a computer modem and phone line can join the intemet through one of the public service providers. There is no central authority or governing body in the internet society established a couple of years ago to coordinate and standardise rules of cooperation The internet is vast, varied and fast changing system. Since a great number of organizations is involved, therefore, no one knows for sure how big the internet really is Seven years ago, there were about 100,000 host computers connected to intemet. It reached 500,000 by the mid of 1991. It is doubling every year.

By the end of 1995 the total was close to four million and these are just the host computers, the ones that provide services to the internet. If we look at the number of people who are linked with the internet, the best guess is that there are over 35 million users connected with the internet, with more joining every day And if this number of users continues to grow at its current rate, every one in the world will be on he internet in about 10 years. The intemet started in the USA and is still dominated by it. Around two thirds of the host computers re based there, but the rest are scattered throughout the world. Eighty countries are fully linked with the intemet and most of the others have electronic mail links to it History of Internet First of all, the US Governments Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) devised a long distance computer network. This was known as ARPA net. It was devised in 1969 and initially had four computers connectedto it Afterwards, it grew over next ten years to con rwo hundred computers Undoubtedly, it proved valuable By the mid of 1980s, several academic intern works including IUSE net, BIT net. CS net and NSF n had been set up These all are combined with the ARPA net to form the internet Intermei originally linked mainframe computers only, most of which run operating systems This means that internet started from the USA and spread over the whole world It is hoped that internet w ihin few decades, will prove to be the largest network of the world Benefits of Internet When any one a to the internet, he accrses to five million host computers, 35 million people, gigabytes of files and a whole raft services A host computer is one that allows internet users access to (some of) file All the host computers are possible sources of information that could be used full to any one in one’s work habits All thr people who are on line on the Internet can become car future friends, customers, fellow enthusiasts and problem solvers There may even be a few old friends out there os internet, one can get gigabytes of files containing programs, including the software, which one needs for working on internet, books, new articles, pictures and video-sounds and much else One can get a whole raft of service such as financial advices, stock market information electronic times and reservations, weather reports and a PC shopping malls one can do every thing throuih There are some interesting window looks coming on stream but some times you might have to use commands UNIX Importance of Internet on internet, one will find students and staff at universities, colleges and some schools through out theworld. These form the largest and most active group of users Apart from the fact that they use internet for their studies,

they will also not normally have to pay the phone bills. A part from this, many multinational companies have discovered that the internet provides the most efficient and the cheapest way of communication with friends around the world. An increasing number of companies is also realizing that it is a viable way to sell goods and services. Some use the internet for their own communication, some to make information available to the public. lt is due to the matchless importance of internet that millions have already linked up and around 10,000 new subscribers are coming on line each month, and the rate of growth is increasing very swiftly. The internet relies on co-operation, driven by good will and enlightened self interest and it works INDUS.

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