Impacts of Pesticides on Human Environment


Impacts of Pesticides on Human Environment According to the Oxford Dictionary and environmental sciences, pesticides are chemicals used for killing pests Generally, pesticides are used to kill the insects which are harmful for crops. They help in the good production of economy and variety of crops. But it is fact that harm contains favour and favour contains harm. In the same way,

if we see in the materializing of pesticides we are getting good production of crops’ growth. The pesticides may be insecticide or herbicide. When these pesticides are showered then in the reaction the very particular crop also produces the energy of those chemicals, which automatically become part of living environment. Pesticides are used in different medicines, dung an others productive material of crops. But use of these all which are put in use product of crop. Those all pesticides are highly reactive and poisonous chlorine, zinc, potassium and others used in the

form of spray. when any crop is being sprayed upon, then, some one crosses through that crop, he can have chemicals and possibly can be hunted by different diseases like sneezing cough and problems in different organs Then slowly and gradually, it passes from person to person, because these diseases are more infectious and harmful than other diseases. These diseases are so dangerous because these are the production of poisonous chemical fertilizer. They can also become the part of our environment, while the help of air medium and burn of every thing can turn environment into havoc. Pertaining to the beauty of environment and produced air pollution, burning like fire would let people go from bad to worse day by day. Just for getting a good variety of crops, environment is suffering and that field also becomes of use for other crops. That’s why people migrate from rural to urban areas day by day.

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