How Hunger Kills


Lecrarer in Zoology was hat happens when some one starves to death? What does staryauon. actually do to people? hai Unfortunately, starvation is common in certain areas of earth The first thing that begins to happen when a his erson is deprived of food is that he losses weight The body continues to n the energy that is stored in chemical bond nd to run its machinery If those chemica are not provided by food, the body takes from itself,¬†from its own tissues Most Americans have a surprising store of food in their own bodies. The average 4.5 citizen weighing 155 pounds the the have about 35 pounds of stored fat and can go about three months without food. An obese person with 175 pounds of stored fat can heatncally go without food for a year, if the only consideration is stored food goes without food, the first ger he draws on is the readily available stored glycogen (complex has carbohydrates) in his liver and mussel When these are leted, he begins to use stored fat Fat uetaluulisuu releases tones producing a truly remarkable bad breath Al about this point, the starving body begins to break down protein by ing nitrogen away and producing glucose, necessary molecules for brain function along with energy Rich te it fragments for cell respiration later, the brain will change ton becoming able to use ketons as well as the shifts back to raiding mainly fat stores saving the proteins until last. Finally proteins, too, are broken down. The body’s muscles begin to wither including the heart muscle, a perilo condition indeed, On the average, people are considered to be starving when they have lost about 33 percent of their body weight When they have lost 40 percent death is almost inevitable. As starvation progresses, various organs begin to efficiency. The liver, kidneys and endoaune system may cease to function properly. Lack of glycogen may affect the brain so the starving person would be listless and confused, often seemingly unable to understand his or her Kwashiorkor vitamin- deficiency disease can set in. bones may appear in children who lack vitamin D Soft Lack of thiamine, may cause memory lapses. Lack of pia causes skin inflammation, diarrhea and insanity just befo death Children are often permanently affected since improved diet cannot straighten bones or build normal brain cells, but adults can often approach starvation and then largely reco as we know from the rescue of concentration camp inmates Interestingly, no matter how well such people recover, most of them die sooner than who suffered no such trauma



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