hope and fear.

Hope is, sometimes, a considerable symbol Else of success if efforts are taken altogether. It may thus also bring satisfaction in case of any misfortune happening in future. Whenever, we go to do cour something big or small- our thought is whi dominated either by hope or fear- hope of grow success and fear of failure Likewise in all give situations of life whether in examination effo sickness, investment or applying for Job, we wor either hope that the result of our efforts will be hun to our expectations or it will fall short of our star expectation, when a failure comes. We again won find our mind dominated either of two wis sentiments: hope and despair. Either, we hope give that it will take a better turn in future or a tim similar misfortune will befall the subsequent by endevaours. Thus, as long as, man lives and wit toils, he is either hopeful or fearful or, at times, bee experiencing a mixture of both Hope is closely similar to dreams, the two po are often confused though, there is wo fundamental difference between them First pe difference is more fundamental of once inability sul to face bitter realities which seek to avoid them the by dreaming, like Mr Micwaban in “David Ge Copperfield” that things may yet turn for future dis The part that hope plays in life can never be fully estimated. Life- whether individual or ha collective- is a chain of trials we face every day, na every month and every year In suchtribulations, the first that a man must possess is his hope because it will help him giving satisfaction str for future success. If Columbus did not hope, he could not A have made even a start and America might have remained undiscovered. Similarly, when we float a business, appear in examination or fighta war, we have to begin with a hope of success Else no venture will ever be undertaken Hope thus, forms the basis of all human endeavours Nothing helps in life’s battle more than courage. And hope is the foundation from which courage originates, but sometimes we grow hopeless, and by this, we lose battles and give way to despair, thus making an end of all efforts. If there is any single food on which world depends If I would be perpetually hunted by the fear of death, I would die to starve because I would always lock energy to work for keeping me alive. The last thing that a wise physician would advise to his patient is to give up hope to recover. It has been found many times that different patients have come around by sheer strength of mind. History furnishes with repetition of great achievements having been made up by dint of sheer hope. In an ing scale when Germany was a super power. There was not much hope that Britain would survive as a free nation, the British people refused to give up hope and went on suffering and fighting year after year. What was the result? Great Britain won the war and Germany was the beaten, back trounced and divide into two religions If in any of these trails, Britain would have grown to despair, her existence as a free nation would be bolted. A hopeful will face hissuch examination courageously and make the best or ss is his preparation even if incomplete fear tion stricken boy or uirl will get nervous and make mess of all that has been leamt not A poet has said on this “Hope, the lone vessel ave On this sea of life ight Where foam the waves of sorrow.

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