Some great poet of English literature


Robert Browning He was born in 1812 in England. He was the son of a well-to-do official of the bank of England. He wrote many long poems such as: Pauline in 1833 Paracelsus in 1835 Sordello in 1840. His poetry contained originality and forcefulness in it. His greatest long poem “The Ring and the Book”. He married a poetess Elizabeth Barrett in 1846. He left this sorrow giving world in 1889. He is buried in Westminster Abbey. Oliver Goldsmith: He was born in 1728 in Ireland. He was the son of a protestant clergyman. He studied medicine at Edinburgh and Leydan but never took a medical degree from either university. He started his career as a writer at the age of 30 in London. He wrote a long poem “The Traveller in 1764. In 1766, he wrote the popular novel “The Vicar of Wake-Field”. His first play was performed in 1768 named as “The Good Natured Man”. He wrote his finest poem “The Deserted Village” in 1770. He also wrote comedy “She Stoops to Conquer” in 1733. His contains affection and love for mankind. He died in 1 and was buried in the temple James Henry Leigh Hunt He was born in 1784 in London. He was the son of a clergy man. in 1808, he joined his brother in editing a newspaper named as “The Examiner They wrote on the immoral character of the Prince Regent who was to succeed to the throne as King George IV and thus faced an imprisonment of two years in 1812.

In 1816, he wrote “The Story of Rimini”. He died in 1859. John Keats: He was born in 1795 in London. He wrote his first volume of verse in 1817. He also wrote a famous poem in 1818. He wrote a volume of famous poems including “Lamia, Isabella and The Eve of Saint Agnes in lhe year 1820. He also wrote many odes such as: 3.ode to Nightingale 2.Ode to a Grecian Urn and 3.Ode to Autumn He died in 1821 and was buried at Rome. Percy Bysshe Shelley He was born in 1792 in Sussex. He studied at Eton and oxford University. In 1811, he circulated a pamphlet on “The

Necessity of Auweism” in his university. As a result of which he was expelled. In the same year he married a 16-year old girl. He wrote a somber play “The Cenci”. He wrote many short poems such as: 1.Lines Written among the Euganean Hills 2.Ode to the West Mind 3.The Cloud He drowned when sailing a small boat of Spezzia in 1822. William Wordsworth: He was born in Cockermouth at Lake District in 1770. In 1793, he wrote “Descriptive Sketches An Evening Walk In 1798 he wrote Lyrical Ballads, and Autobiographical po “The Prelude in 1807, but was published in 1850. He died in 1850 and was buried in Grasmere.

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