The great disaster tsunami


At about 0700 hours local time in Indonesia, an earthquake of the highest magnitude struck in the middle of the Indian ocean, on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, on 26 h December 2004 This triggered a massive wave, which swamped the entire region. The tidal waves rose up to 10 meters high wall of waters, which was traveling at a speed of an aeroplane According to a British geologist, nothing cans which stalled that pressure” This has been taken as the largest earthquake that has rocked the earth since the one in Alaska in 1946 According to experts, there were over 20 rshocks in the same area Some of these earthquakes measured 7.3 on the Richter scale, while the original quake registered 90 The havoc spread and destroyed many parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Maldives and Sri Lanka Four countries were badly hit by the disaster They are Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. But was Aceli, in Indonesia, that faced the brawl of waves Aceli was closest to the epicenter of the earthquake that caused the Tsunami Therefore, the majority of the dead were in Aceli According to the UN the quake was deadlier than 20.000 nuclear weapons, going off at the same time was Just well because had the earthquake of this magnitude occurred on land, the devastation would have been colossal. Tsunami is a Japanese word,

which means harbour wave A Tsunami is a series of waves which reach a height of 40 meters above the sea level that has killed more than 50,000 people in the coastal towns and villages un Java and Sumatra islands, in Indonesia alone Bando Aceh, which bore the brunt of the attack, has been described as a scene of death and destruction” Some of the survivors were heard saying as God had unleashed His anger on the people The earthquake lasted up to 16 seconds, which destroyed 93% of all buildings, reducing them to rubble The tidal wave of disaster in the Indian Ocean boggles the mind Its effects are perhaps the most horrifying in curiosity of mankind Many have lost their lives and thousands have become homeless According to the U N estimates, over I. 50,000 have lost their lives and there are hundreds, who are untraceable and believed to be dead The Tsunami disasters have polluted the water systems, leaving people with no oplion, but to drink unclean and dirty water This is definite a case of “water water, everywhere but not drop to drink’ Relief operators from all over the world, including Pakistan,

struggled to reach out the survivors as the death toll kept mounting and hope of linding the thousand of missing people faded. 26th December 2004 will go down in the history as a Sunday, which caused one of the most borrendous destruction, mankind has ever witnessed our hearts bleed at the huge loss of lives and for the countless who have been rendered destitute and helples grief and pain our hearts go out to In this them as we can feel their pain and share their somow May the Almighty Allah grant comfort and solace lo the sufferers who have lost their dear and near ones May the Lord in His infinite mercy shower His blessings on the departed souls.


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