Genetically modified gm food


It is a process in which we modify the genetic material of plants and also other organisms through the help of biotechnology The genetic material may be altered with methods that do not carry naturally but we apply the artificial haa method of asexual reproduction, which is known as tissue culture technique, cloning etc., and that is collectively called the genetic engineering. In this filed of biology selected genes are transferred from one organism to another The traditional breeding cannot achieve the same effects using a transferred gene. This is possible with G M. food e its Role of Genetic Engineering in the Scope of G.M. Food ater The genetic modification of food is not a new one, but for so many years the food crops and animals have been altered through selective breeding, while the genes can be transferred during selective breeding The scope of exchange of genetic material is much wider using the genetic engineering, because genetic engineenng allows to transfer the genetic material to any organism, as plant to plant animal to animal even including between plants and animals e.g., we take the gene from fish that lives in very cold seas and has been inserted into a strawberry allowing the fruit to be frost tolerant, but this is not currently available as a commercial food crop Some foods have been modified to make them resistant to insect and viruses and also able to tolerate herbicides. They are following: a, Mauze b.

Potato c Oil Seed Rape (Canola) d. Soybean The modified genes may be present in all types of foods such as tomatoes, maize, soybeans The G M. food is mainly used in Australia, which contains sufficient amount of various ingredients, for example, soy flour bread which contain soy bean ingredients. The genetic engineering, a used to increase the amount of particular nutrients, like vitamin, iron and protein etc. called nutritional 1 e enhancement c. Tendency to provoke and allergic reaction or change in d. Whether there is any nutritional deficiency the GM food The G.M food will only for sale, if it is safe and nutritious as

against its conventional counterparts. The safety of G M food is still being debated, as it is impossible to predict all of the potential effects on human health and the environment Some public health experts, however, continue to believe that we are only at the scientific starting line. We simply do not know whether G M foods are safe or not So the G M. food on one side provide the combined source of nutritional ingredients and on the other side they also cause some side effects for human beings.

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