Food and human health

Food is necessary for all living beings. Because it gives us energy that is very necessary for doing any kind of work. Without energy life can’t continue, Let’s know about the food and the kind of enerzy it has for human-beings. 1. Carbohydrates Source: rice, sugarcane, ice-cream, breads, fruits etc. heory 1- It provides energy to the body cells by oxidation (respiration) process 2. They make the organ strong ate of They prevent the cholesterol in the human body e acts 2- Fats sun flower oil, bumer, ghee Importance: They are highest source of energy. They provide 2nd energy to cells and promote the cell division. 3-Proteins Source: red meat, grains, cereals, breads, eggs, fish, etc. 1- They form the plasma membrane 2- They help in the formation of skin, hair, muscle and nails They help in digestion, expansion of muscles and clotting of blood. 4 Vitamins There are different kinds of vitamins, and they perform various functions on the human body. They are listed below: Vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, vitamin C, vitamin K, Vitamin D vitamin E vitamin A Source: green vegetables, milk products, liver,Importance: Maintenance of epyherial tissues that su sense of sight Deficiency: night

blindness, extreme dry skin. ii. Vitamin B1 Source: meat, grains, legumes plants. Importance: Metabolism of carbohydrates helps in beam functions Deficiency: beriberi (increased heart beating), weekend nerves and muscles. iii. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Source: milk products, liver, eggs, grains and legumes Sout Importance Il provides energy in metabolism process Deficiency: inflammalion of eyes and break down of skin Defi iv. Vitamin B3 (Nicotinic Acid) Source: liver, meat, grains and legumes It oxidation (cellular respiration) Deficiency gastrointestinal disorder, nerve inflammation Def and mental disorder v. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) Source: milk products, liver, eggs, grains Importance: It provides energy and helps in metabolic reactions. Deficiency imtabiliry and kidney stones farigue loss of coordination vi.

VitminB6 (Pyridoxine) Source grains, cereals, meat, vegetable Importance: Metabolism of amino acids Deficiency skin irritability and stone formation in kidney vii. Vitamin B12 (Cobalmin) Source: red meat, eggs, daury products. Importance; it helps in nucleic acid production. Deficiency: anemia neurological disorders viii. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Source green leafy vegetables connective tissue of Importance formation of teeth bone, blood vessels. down of skin Deficiency scurry (bleeding of gums) break down of skin blood vessels leeth ia, vitamin D ish, butter, egg yolk, milk, and sunlight in here importance absorption of calcium and phosphorus in ntestine and moister of skin eekrst Deficiency bones in children and deformed bones in adults The bones become painful and can be fractured easily Vitamin E Source.

plant oil, green leafy salad Importance II prevent red blood cells from destruction Deficiency the sever anemia ti, Vitamin K Source dark green leafy vegetables made by bacteria in inlestine ion Importance To promote the prolong clotung in body Deficiency excessive bleeding Blood does not clot that can cause death of person 5. Minerals olic Calcium Source milk cheese, vegetable and dried legumes ows of Importance farmation of teeth, bone, and lilood clotting, nerve transmission Deficiency rickets, osteoporosis Magnesium Source whole grains, green leafy vegetables kdory Activate the enzymes for proteins synthesis Deficiency growth problems Phosphorus fish, poultry, meat grains Source milk, cheese, yogurt, importance formation of teeth and bone, balance of acid and base in the body Deficiency in the bones Potassium potatoes and milk vegetables, hi Importance nerve transmission, balance in the body loss of appetite irregular cardiac rhythm weakness of muscles Chromium Source: cereals, meat, fats, vegetables, oils, legumes Me Lmportance It promotes the glucose metabolism. Deficiency Diabetes may occur in adults Copper Source meat, drinking water Importance formation of red blood cell Deficiency anemia weak bones and disturbance of nere Iodine Source salt, water, fish, dairy products, vegetables, thing iodized salt Importance It helps thyroid gland to maintain the iodine level in the human body Deficiency enlargement of thyroid glands, goiter plac Iron meat, eggs, grains, vegetables and apples lron facil is very necessary for body There is a very famous and old proverb in English language, an apple a day keeps doctor away So have an our apple each day and be comfortably away from wa dreary doctors Importance formation of hemoglobin in blood and energy all metabolism. Deficiency: anemua Fluorine Source tea, drinking water and sea food Importance maintenance of bones structure and a guard use against tooth decay Deficiency: Tooth decay and osteoporosis In this way these all vitamins are very vital for our health We should choose our diet in the light of above mentioned sources of energy.



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