Exercise makes a person healthy

Everyone wants to be healthy and smart but some people become healthy and smart the best code to be healthy and smart is doing exercise no doubt that exercise makes a person healthy and smart. Nowadays everyone else too much healthy and everyone is suffering from many diseases like many are suffering from diabetes blood pressure and many other diseases which are caused due to less exercise keeping your diet good is important thing but with this you have to keep your exercise go on if you are taking good diet but you are not doing exercise so it would be harmful for you we should do exercise every day at least for1 hour.

diabetes is caused due to lake production of insulin and the lake production of insulin is due to three main thing one reasons and  that are when you take lot of antibiotics the another one is you are fat and the third one is when you do not do exercise from this we got that exercise plays an important role in our life nowadays every third person is suffering from diabetes this is the biggest issue of the world every young person is suffering from this diabetes because of the less exercise everyone take their complete diet but do not do exercise and because of this they suffer from dangerous diseases which will not leave until their death one of the most common disease which is cold is obesity this is also caused due to less exercise.

Exercise to reduce the belly fat which is common nowadays in youngsters because they take fast food and this fast food cause the belly fat and everyone want to get rid of this benefit and if you want to get rid of this belly fat so then you have to do exercise everyday.

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