Evolution, Evolution plays an important role in biological science.

Evolution plays an important role in biological science. It is a historical fact that high plants and animals are made from simple and primitive types of evolution. There are evidence that new species have been developed from their primitive forms through a descent modification through the Fossil record as well as the evolution of evolution. “The process in which the animals and the present life of the present life has developed from the past life. By this process, the various gradual changes occur in the form of organic evolution known as” evolution all the world biologists with fact. It’s a very slow process. It can not be felt or seen, and it needs a thousand years or even more. To prove the theory of evolution, various evidence can be from different departments of science, such as evidence from classification, evidence from fossils and evidence of morphology and evidence from geographical distribution from the department of scientific thought in 18th and 19th in the problem solved the problem The evolution of new species of this connection, Lamarck and Darwin contributed in remarkable way and presented their theories of evolution which can be given as under:French known biologist who gave Lamarck was also a theory of evolution in 1809. This theory is the theory of inheritance of required characters. Lamarck’s theory consists of three points, which can be given as follows: 1. Influence of Environment According to Lamarck, when the living organisms live in particular environment for a long time, this environment has a great influence on them. Sometimes, this effect is not visible, because it needs a very long period. When the living organisms migrate from one place to another place in different environments, their needs and habits gradually change. These changes may be the cause of use and use of certain organs of body. Some certain organs of use and disuse When some changes are developed in the body due to the effect of the environment, some organs are strong and well developed. These organs are widely used. By the living organisms Some other organs are not used correctly so they gradually become weak and unimportant. As a result of this, these organs may sometimes be lost. The body of organisms called acquired characters These characters are transferred from one generation to another generation. After many generations, the changes are accumulated to such an e altered body in the body and it resulces in the new species. It is called evolution B. Darwin’s Theory Charles Darwin was an English biologist He was born in 1809 and died in 1882 he described the theory in 32His famous book “The Origin of Species By Natural Selection is based on the principles of natural selection, intensive studies, and long-term experiments of 20 years,” is the theory of natural selection, which is based on the following important and essential facts. Living organisms increase their number in a geometrical ratio. However, the total number of species in species is more or less constant, e. Paramauium can per or produce 600 times per year if all people survive and continue to divide, the total number Than the date ofearth 2. Struggle for existence In this universe, each organism wants to survive and struggle for its existence. For example, if all the seeds in a particular plant geminate and grow in, plants in a short period The time is, they will cover the wide area. The number of plants and animals of the animal is in space, food, light and all for The gale which is called for survival 3. Variations and survivors of the fittest The word variation means change. All organisms have some variations among them, even related to the same parent. All organisms show variation in form, size, color physiology and habits. Darwin explained that minute variations are preserved and transmitted to new generation. In this process, only one person can survive in the highest and most suitable variations. They can adjust themselves in the environment. Other people, who do not survive, either migrate to other places or gradually ruined. This is termed as survival of the fittestl. Natural selection and origin of species In the competition or struggle for existence, the individuals who show favourable variations, survive and they produce, but the individuals who show unfavourable variations start vanishing. This is a natural selection The individuals who have favourable varjations live to their maturity and transmit their variations to their off. spring. This process continues for generations, for a long time. These variations are accumulated to such an extent that new species are formed, i-e, structure of the body is modified. lt is known as structural modification. By structural modification, origin of new species takes place which helps in evolution process


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